Every single day in the #News, there is a race issue. It seems that people are always against one another and for stupid reasons. When people are not living in harmony and are always at war, that gives someone else more power to get their way in wrong doing. We give power to the rulers of darkness. According to the good book, that is what we wrestle against, and it is a fact.

Why does race even matter to some people? What we need to look for is the soul that does right and the soul that has good wisdom and knowledge. We need more than one soul. We have race issues, political issues, tax issues, and it could go on and on. However, nobody seems to be getting to the root of the problems, and nobody seems to do the right thing. We need people who will consider all men as equal whether they are rich or poor, no matter where they come from. We need people that will trust in God and not the dollar bill. We need people who will be great leaders and stand up for what is right.

The media speaks in haste, and they always have bad news. Sometimes the media stirs up trouble even more, fanning the fire to make it burn brighter. People everywhere are running around in stress, believing things they ought not, and things do not always turn out to be as bad as they seem to be.

The world is in need, but is also full of greed. One man is trying to simply be satisfied and make a living, but another man is always trying to take that away. It's happening all over this world, which makes the world look divided. Businesses are shutting down, and people do not have enough money to buy and sell. There are jobs that are holding back pay raises from people that work hard, and too much money is going out to only certain people. It seems that our world is going backwards instead of forward. What use to be wrong is what people call right, and what use to be right is what people call wrong. Anyone that has that kind of mind does not need to be a leader or have any high position. Where is the soul that does right? We should never look for race or gender.