Scott Walker served as governor of Wisconsin for two terms. He would be a figure of considerable polarization and controversy during his gubernatorial tenure. A Republican, he also made a brief play for president of the United States during the 2016 election cycle.

More recently, Walker has been president of the Young America's Foundation. But, as noted by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, he seems interested in one day seeking elected office again. He does not, however, seem to be keen on seeking at least one particular office.

Says he will not run for a seat in the United States Senate

The Hill reports that Scott Walker is taking a pass on seeking election to the U.S. Senate. The next U.S. Senate election in Wisconsin is scheduled to be held in 2024. Democrat Tammy Baldwin currently holds the seat in question. Baldwin has not declared whether or not she plans to run for re-election.

"I don't see myself in the Senate," the former governor said. Walker's time as YAF president is not slated to end 2025 at a minimum. He made a point to state he intends to stay on the role for that long at least that long. But there's more, as Walker would bluntly put it. "I would be bored as a senator," he said.

Walker may have no intention to enter the 2024 Republican Senate primary, but other big names are considered possibilities.

Including a pair of committee chairmen in the United States House of Representatives. Bryan Steil holds a seat from the 1st District of Wisconsin. He chairs the House Administration Committee and was previously the ranking member of the House Fair Growth Committee. Mike Gallagher was elected from Wisconsin's 8th District. He's chairman of the House Select Committee on Strategic Competition between the United States and the Chinese Communist Party.

Was nearly recalled as governor

Scott Walker first ran for governor during the 2006 cycle, competing in the Republican primary. U.S. Representative Mark Green would win the nomination, but lost to incumbent Democratic Governor Jim Doyle in the general election.

In 2010, Walker was elected governor over Democratic Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

Doyle was not a candidate for re-election. As governor, Walker's policies surrounding collective bargaining with public employees would spark major protests. Walker, along with Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch and several state senators of both parties, faced recalls in the fallout. Two Republican senators lost their seats as a result. But Walker, Kleefisch and most of the senators survived. It marked the first time in American history where a state governor successfully kept office in a recall vote. Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsom has since also done so.

Walker was re-elected as governor in 2014 over the Democratic nominee, former State Commerce Secretary Mary Burke. Four years later, he was defeated by Democratic State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers.

Walker had earlier been a vocal critic of Donald Trump, but later became an ally. After Walker lost in 2018, the controversial then-President Trump rconsidered appointing him and U.S. secretary of the interior. Trump later did appoint Walker to the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars board of trustees.

Was a state legislator and county executive

Scott Walker was born in Colorado Spring, Colorado. His family would move to Plainfield, Iowa; near Cedar Falls. There, his father, along with being a Baptist pastor, was a local politician. The Walkers eventually settled in Delavan, Wisconsin; in the Milwaukee region.

Walker first ran for the Wisconsin State Assembly in 1990, competing for one of Milwaukee' seats.

He lost to Democratic incumbent and future U.S. Representative Gwen Moore. Shortly after, he moved to nearby Wauwatosa. In 1993, Walker won a special election for a seat in the State Assembly. He would win re-election four times. Along the way, he became chairman of the Assembly's Correction Facilities Committee and Corrections and the Courts Committee.

In a 2002 special election, Walker won the office of Milwaukee County executive, a technically nonpartisan office. He was re-elected twice to the role.

Walker married Tonette Tarantino in 1993. They have two sons.