It has been a uniquely turbulent time in the United Kingdom and operations of its government. The country has been in mourning for its head of state for seven decades, Queen Elizabeth II. The transition to her heir and successor, King Charles III, seems to have gone according to plan. But it has been a decidedly different story for recent events on the Parliamentary side of things.

Scandal-plagued prime minister Boris Johnson was finally worn down by the ire of his countrymen and resigned. Foreign Secretary Liz Truss was selected to succeed him.

But a drastic tax policy proposal led to a swift end to Truss' premiership. Now, it's the turn of the man Truss defeated for the job, former chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak.

Sunak has won the race to become the next prime minister of the United Kingdom. It comes as a result of Sunak emerging victorious in the most recent Conservative Party leadership race. As it's the governing party in the U.K. Parliament, this also effectively makes him the new prime minister.

Sunak becomes the first non-white person chosen as the country's prime minister. He's also believed to be the wealthiest person to ever ascend to the office. His moment of professional triumph comes just a few months after a tough defeat.

Sunak had been Liz Truss' main rival in the summer 2022 leadership election after Johnson's resignation announcement. A few months made a big difference. According to CNN, Truss won the battle, but Sunak won the war.

It is noteworthy that in their campaign battle, Sunak quite accurately predicted the chaos Truss' tax proposals would bring.

Her sweeping proposed tax cuts would be viewed as reckless. Leading to a plummet in the stock market and in the value of the British pound. After being named the new party leader, Sunak was quick to pay tribute to his predecessor. Saying she "led with dignity and grace through a time of great change." For her part, Truss congratulated Sunak and pledged her full support for him as prime minister and Conservative leader.

Sunak is expected to be the first prime minister appointed by King Charles III. The appointment of Truss as prime minister was the last public act by Queen Elizabeth II before her passing.

Succeeded a former fellow Conservative leader in his constituency

Rishi Sunak was first elected to the U.K. House of Commons in 2015. He represents the constituency of Richmond (York) in northern England. The previous MP from the constituency, William Hague, had a notable political career in his own right. Hague has served as Conservative leader and the leader of the Official Opposition from 1997 to 2001. He'd also held prominent Cabinet roles under prime ministers David Cameron and John Major.

After becoming prime minister, Boris Johnson named him as the chief secretary to the Treasury.

The following year, he appointed him as the chancellor of the exchequer. He'd previously served as Parliamentary under-secretary of state for local government under Prime Minister Theresa May. Sunak was a supporter of Brexit, but has otherwise been largely regarded as relatively moderate.

Sunak is a native of Southampton in southern England. His parents were African residents of Indian descent. They eventually emigrated to the United Kingdom, where his father worked as a doctor and his mother as a pharmacist. In 2009, Rishi married businesswoman Akshata Murty, whose family founded the IT company Infosys. They have two daughters.