Alberta is arguably the most conservative province in Canada. For decades, the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta was the dominant political party of the province. But the creation of the Wildrose Party would split Albertan voters on that side of the political spectrum. Helping to open a lane that the Alberta New Democratic Party took advantage of.

Jason Kenney, then a high-profile federal politician, spearheaded the movement to merge the parties. Despite much resistance, he was successful in this endeavor, resulting in the United Conservative Party.

Kenney would lead the party to a landslide victory in 2019, and he became Alberta's new premier. But now, the party's name might be a bit ironic, and Kenney's future is somewhat cloudy.

Kenney resigns as party leader, but not as premier

Jason Kenney has stepped aside as the leader of the United Conservative Party, reports Politico. The move was a surprise for many, as it came almost immediately after an apparent political victory for Kenney.

On May 18, UCP members voted as to whether or not they approved or disapproved of Kenney's leadership. A majority did declare that they supported him. However, he apparently felt that the margin was not great enough, a little over 51%. Subsequently, he announced his resignation later that same day.

But the same can't necessarily be said for Kenney's service as premier of Alberta. He did not give up that post and will at least stay on until a new UCP leader is ready. But, as noted by the Calgary Herald, there might not even be a new United Conservative Party leader when all is said and done.

The rules say that Jason Kenney can run in the next leadership election, even following a resignation.

His team did not deny his potential candidacy in the new campaign when approached about it. Given the recent vote on May 18, it would seem that he already has a majority of party support going in.

But a new campaign could change things. Kenney would likely face similar issues in the campaign as he had as party leader. In particular, as of late, a surge of right-wing and fringe interests among his members.

He would also probably be facing off against multiple prominent challengers. Former popular journalist and Wildrose standard-bearer Danielle Smith has already launched her candidacy. Another blast from the Wildrose past, Brian Jean is also expected to run. Others, including several members of Kenney's cabinet, could also enter the race.

Kenney held several federal Cabinet posts under Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Jason Kenney was first elected to the Canadian Parliament in 1997. He initially represented the riding of Calgary Southeast. Kenney won the election to Parliament a further six times. Eventually, his riding was changed to Calgary Midnapore.

With the Conservative victory in 2006, Stephen Harper, another Calgary MP, became Canada's new prime minister.

Two years later, Kenney was named the minister of citizenship, immigration, and multiculturalism. In 2013, he became the minister of multiculturalism.

Also, that year, Kenney was appointed as the minister of employment and social development. Finally, in 2015, he served in arguably his most high-profile role as minister of national defense. Kenney ultimately left his federal offices to focus on his efforts at the provincial level.

In 2017, Jason Kenney was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, holding a seat for Calgary-Lougheed. He was re-elected in 2019.