French voters decided to give President Emmanuel Macron a second five-year term on April 24. Macron has been congratulated on his victory by world leaders, including U.S. President Joe Biden, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Marcon's challenger, Marine Le Pen was "a longtime sympathizer with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia," wrote Roger Cohen, in The New York Times. Cohen observed that Le Pen "would almost certainly have pursued policies that weakened the united allied front to save Ukraine."

Citing figures from the French Interior Ministry, the BBC reported that the 44-year-old Marcon had received 58.55 percent of the vote and Le Pen 41.45 percent.

The BBC noted that less than 72 percent of French voters participated in the election.

Biden anticipates 'continued close cooperation'

In a congratulatory message on Twitter, Biden noted that France was America's "oldest ally and a key partner in addressing global challenges." Biden said he anticipated "continued close cooperation" on issues such as the War in Ukraine and "countering climate change."

Trudeau speaks of 'a prosperous future for Canada and France'

Trudeau likewise took to Twitter to congratulate Macron on his election victory.

Trudeau said he "looks forward to continuing working together to build a prosperous future for Canada and France." The post linked to a statement in which Trudeau said he wanted to work with Macron on a number of issues. "This includes upholding democracy, human rights, and the rules-based international system in the face of Russia’s illegal, unprovoked, and unjustifiable invasion of Ukraine."

The Canadian leader also mentioned the importance of addressing climate change and promoting gender equality.

Zelensky: Macron is 'a true friend of Ukraine'

On Twitter, Zelensky posted a congratulatory message in French.

According to CNN's translation, Zelensky called Marcon "a true friend of Ukraine." CNN also quoted the Ukrainian leader as saying "I am convinced that we are moving forward together towards new common victories."

The New York Times reported that Le Pen had promised her National Rally party would campaign hard to win seats in the country's June legislative elections. The April 24 election had been Le Pen's third defeat in a presidential election, the paper recalled.

The Guardian posted a video on Youtube showing Macron giving his victory speech, with English subtitles.

Macron said he would be the president of all the French.

Macron said, "I know that for many of our compatriots who chose the extreme right today their anger and disagreements which led them to vote for this project must also find a response and that will be my responsibility and that of those around me," according to The Guardian's translation. Macron also said he would work for gender equality and a more just society.