The world's attention is on a village in South Africa where some people are believed to have unearthed diamonds. It is in the KwaZulu-Natal KZN province, and hundreds of people have arrived there. They carry with them pickaxes and other tools for digging. Their mission is to unearth the diamonds. It seems some individual has come across a mysterious stone, believed to be a diamond. He dug up the jewel-like object in an open field. The information spread like wildfire, and people from all over Africa made a beeline for the village. Diamond is a precious stone and known as the woman's best friend.

Obviously, people have gathered in the hope of acquiring them free of cost. If the stones are real diamonds, they could bring prosperity to the owners.

News AU reports more than 1000 people from across South Africa have arrived. All of them want to lay their hands on the stones. In case those turn out to be real stuff, the fortune seekers would be on cloud nine. It seems some of the enthusiasts who have dug up a few samples have already sold them to others.

Experts need to examine the new stones of South Africa

Right now, it is all about word of mouth. The people are pinning their hopes on the new find in South Africa. They have used their cars to travel to the site. Those who have begun digging are gathering them, and some of them have even begun selling them without knowing their true value.

For many of them, it is the first time they see what could be diamonds. News AU says one of the diggers looks at the find as a blessing for the community. The level of unemployment is high, and if the stones were valuable, they would make a huge difference to the people. Incidentally, poaching and loss of habitat are threats to African elephants.

Geologists and mining experts of South Africa will investigate

The authorities in South Africa are aware of the news, and they have launched investigations. A team of geologists from the mining department is on the site. Experts in mining accompany it. Officials of the Provincial government want the people to vacate the area.

That would allow the authorities to carry out an in-depth inspection. The site is around 223 miles (360km) southeast of Johannesburg. The huge gathering could lead to the spread of Covid-19. News AU adds that unemployment is a major issue in South Africa. Millions suffer from poverty. South Africa happens to be the most industrialized nation in Africa. However, a large portion of its working population is jobless. The people must be nursing hopes that the stones are really diamonds. That would open up new opportunities for gainful employment.

Fortune seekers on the trail of treasure in South Africa

According to CNN, unidentified stones in the KZN province of South Africa have attracted hundreds of fortune seekers.

They are thrilled at the prospects of laying their hands on what they believe are diamonds. One of the locals described the discovery as a life changer. He already had a handful of tiny stones in his possession. He, like many others, believes the stones to be real diamonds. Already there are people of all ages at the site. They have brought picks, shovels, and forks with them to dig for the riches and have kept their fingers crossed. The mines department informed it would study the case and submit a formal technical report in due course. Time only can say whether the diggers would be disappointed or elated.