The Coronavirus has continued to spread in various locations around the world. Otherwise largely powerful figures have proven to not be immune to the impact of COVID-19.

Carlos Holmes Trujillo was, in fact, a largely powerful figure in Colombia. He was a member of one of the country's most prominent families. And he became one of its most prominent politicians.

Has died from COVID-19

Colombian Defense Minister Carlos Holmes Trujillo has passed away. The cause of death was a viral pneumonia related to COVID-19, said the government. Making Trujillo one of a number of high-ranking politicians to die from COVID-19 globally.

Trujillo had been hospitalized with the disease around two weeks before. A few days later, he was moved into intensive care. It was announced that Trujillo had suffered 'acute lung function deterioration.'

In his most recent role, the later defense minister garnered a reputation for combating organized crime. Trujillo was a member of the center-right party Democratic Center. He'd previously been a leading member of the center-left Colombian Liberal Party.

Sitting Colombian President Ivan Duque Marquez said that the country had 'lost one of its best men.' Duque also called Trujillo a friend and a partner and declared a three-day mourning period.

Also releasing a statement of mourning was Jose Renan Trujillo, Carlos' brother.

Jose also became a politician, including serving several terms in the Senate of Colombia. Their father, also named Carlos Holmes Trujillo, was a legislator and diplomat.

Trujillo held several Cabinet positions

Trujillo's political career began in earnest in Cali in western Colombia. He eventually became the city's mayor. His first Cabinet post was as minister of Education, which he was appointed as by President Cesar Gaviria.

Trujillo took on a number of roles under Gaviria's successor, Ernesto Samper. Perhaps most prominently as minister of the Interior.

Gaviria and Samper were both members of the Colombian Liberal Party. The next president was Andres Pastrana Arango, a member of the Colombian Conservative Party. Pastrana appointed Trujillo to a pair of diplomatic posts.

First, as ambassador to Austria, followed by ambassador to Russia. Succeeding President Alvaro Uribe, then part of the conservative Colombia First party, did similarly. Appointing Trujillo as ambassador to Scandinavia, Iceland and the European Union.

In 2014, was the Democratic Center candidate for vice president of Colombia. The party's presidential nominee was former Finance and Public Credit Minister Oscar Ivan Zuluaga. Zuluaga lost the race to incumbent President Juan Manuel Santos. As such, Trujillo did not become vice president.

Ivan Duque Marquest took office in 2018. He first appointed Trujillo as minister of Foreign Affairs. The next year, Trujillo became the minister of Defense.