Kosovo and Serbia have been in a long-standing state of tension. Kosovo declared itself an independent republic several years ago. But Serbia believes it's still part of their country.

Many countries around the world recognize Kosovo as its own country, including the United States. But nevertheless, the dispute has continued. In the 1990s, the dispute was an intensely violent one. The consequences of which are still being experienced.

Thaci charged by the International Criminal Court

Kosovo President Hashim Thaci has been charged with crimes against humanity and war crimes.

The charges stem from when he was the president of the Kosovo Liberation Army, as indicated by ABC.

The Kosovo Liberation Army was a separatist militia that was active during the 1990s. Its goal was to separate Kosovo from Yugoslavia and Serbia. Eventually, the idea was to unify with Albania.

The ensuing war was perhaps brief, in a relative sense. But it was very bloody, and many lives were lost.

It's apparently still up for debate as to whether or not Kosovo has actually separated from Serbia. Yugoslavia, as it was, no longer exists. One thing that is clear is that a formal unification with Albania has not yet happened.

The conflict has long been the subject of investigations regarding issues like war crimes.

Courts have found the bulk of these atrocities to have been committed by the Serbian side. But not all of them. And now current Kosovo President Thaci is in serious trouble. According to CNN, he is accused of taking part in various criminal acts. Including murder, persecution, and torture.

Thaci was in the United States when the indictments were announced.

He was supposed to be partaking in discussions at the White House with Serbian officials. But after the news broke, he instead departed on a return trip to Kosovo.

Thaci has been the president since 2016

In 1999, Thaci became Kosovo's prime minister. He also became the leader of the Partia Demokratike e Kosoves. Roughly translating to the Democratic Party of Kosovo.

His first term as prime minister was somewhat brief, lasting less than a full year. For several years after, the United Nations was in control.

Thaci returned as prime minister in 2008, remaining until 2014. Afterward, he became the foreign minister and deputy prime minister, serving under Prime Minister Isa Mustafa. He was elected president in 2016. As happens in many countries, Thaci is independent while in office as president.

Thaci attended the University of Pristina, studying history and philosophy. He later received a master's degree from the University of Zurich in Switzerland. Thaci is a native of Srbica, also called Skenderaj, in central Kosovo.