Paul Ryan's clashes with Trump got another take in a new book released this week. In "A Hill to Die On," Newsweek reports that Politico’s Jake Sherman and Anna Palmer detailed how Ryan was determined to "never defend Donald Trump."

Paul Ryan recently retired from Congress after two decades worth of service. He earned the respect of many for his bi-partisanship and 'good guy' reputation. Ryan climbed through the ranks over the years and become a powerful committee chairman. After being a Republican vice presidential nominee, he reluctantly became speaker of the House of Representatives in 2015.

While Ryan's early work in Congress earned bi-partisan praise, his later high-profile positions made him a target. As is often the case, he became the face of the 'enemy' for some. But attacks didn't just come from Democrats. Ryan's final election to Congress coincided with Donald Trump's election as president. The two had already had a contentious relationship. Perhaps even more so than some had realized.

Ryan encouraged Republicans to abandon Trump shortly before Election Day

Just weeks before the 2016 election, news outlets had major headlines. Donald Trump had been caught on an audio recording boasting of inappropriately touching women. It was far from the first controversy to surround Trump, but this one especially disturbed many people.

Speaker Ryan issued a scathing statement on the matter. Trump was also disinvited to an event in Ryan's district in Wisconsin. Trump and Ryan had historically been at odds over various issues. So much so that Ryan had previously refused to endorse Trump for the presidency. The ardent Trump supporters, famous for being almost cult-like in their zeal, weren't pleased.

His new criticism of Trump would increase their dismay.

Newsweek reports that Ryan also had blunt words for his fellow Republican Congressional members. In a conference call, Ryan reportedly told the Republicans to "feel free to abandon" Trump. He also stated that he would not defend Trump 'now or in the future.'

To the shock of many, Trump still went on to win the presidential election in a result that Ryan reportedly called "unbelievable." Despite the ire from loyal Trump fans, Ryan was re-elected from his district in a landslide.

Likewise, he was overwhelmingly re-elected as speaker by House Republicans.

Ryan and Trump apparently tried to forge a working relationship, despite their differences. But Trump's many polarizing actions continued to draw frequent criticism from Ryan. Among them, Trump's inflammatory language after the 2017 events in Charlottesville, Virginia. The Hill reports that Trump then accused Ryan of being disloyal.

Other notable instances include Ryan declaring Trump's idea to ban Birthright Citizenship as unconstitutional. Ryan also thwarted efforts to hound Trump's political foes with legal proceedings. Trump himself acknowledged this after Ryan's retirement.

Ryan was apparently fed up with Trump

A key element of Ryan's decision to retire was reportedly his exasperation with the president.

Instead, he opted to live as a private citizen in his native Janesville, Wisconsin. He has added his name to list of the city's residents with great accomplishments. Among them are prominent artists, politicians and seven Medal of Honor recipients. Ryan was awarded the Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service by Defense Secretary James Mattis. Mattis had also had a number of public disputes with the president.

Republican Bryan Steil was elected in Ryan's place. Another Janesville native, Steil had worked on Ryan's staff before becoming an attorney. A relative moderate, Steil has seemed to distance himself from Trump. He also appeared to break from the president on the highly-controversial 'border wall'.