With Harry and Megan having tied the knot this weekend in England, all eyes are on them in what seems to be a wedding that is larger than life - right out of a fairytale. It is always nice to see these events that get us closer to fiction than we'd normally be in day-to-day life. Within fiction, within the confines of our favorite comics, between punching the bad guys and saving the world, sometimes it is time for heroes themselves to pop the question and wed their better halves. So, if we consider how magic the Royal Wedding seems outside of fiction, what must it be like in the outlandish Marvel Comics Universe?

Royal Weddings: They're not just for the UK

Perhaps one of the most famous unions in Marvel Comics is between the king of fictional nation Wakanda: Black Panther and Kenyan Princess of the X-men: Storm. The two met when they were very young but circumstance and responsibility pushed them apart. Reuniting as adults, through mutual friends and work endeavors (like saving the world) - they rekindled the bond they'd made all those years ago. "Black Panther" then proposed to Storm in 2006. The Union between the two was so important to the world at large that it prompted a ceasefire in the bloody and contentious Civil War event.

Heroes and former friends divided by the conflict all came together to witness this particular Royal Wedding. Unfortunately, the two would eventually be divorced when the "Avengers" and the "X-men" were at odds with the Avengers vs. X-men event. A somber reminder, not all fairytales have happy endings.

Marvel Wedding in 2018

While things didn't end too well for Storm, two of her fellow X-men are set to tie the knot in June. Kitty Pryde and Colossus, who have enjoyed an on-and-off romance over the years have decided to try and put a cap on their ongoing "will they, won't they?" This is set to take place within the pages of Marvel's ongoing X-men Gold title wherein Kitty Pryde is the leader of this particular team.

Colossus has appeared in both Deadpool movies in recent years including the most recent "Deadpool 2" which released on May 16 in the UK. This particular wedding parallels the current Royal Wedding in that both participants are from different cultures. Kitty Pryde is from Deerfield in Illinois, USA and Colossus hail from near Lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia. While in the nature of comics, the wedding certainly will not go smoothly, we can only hope the two lovers remain happily wed for years to come.