No matter what grade we received or what year we were in when we had our favorite teachers, odds are, most of us have been impacted by at least one teacher in our lifetime. Looking back at different school years, I remember the work and activities I was assigned that I didn't really see the purpose in. Odds are that another kid in my class got something meaningful out of them though. The poetry lesson in English class always seemed to be the dreaded topic, but it was some of the most fun I had in school.

This is a personal thank-you note to all teachers, professors, and aides around the world for their contribution to helping raise and educate past and future generations.

Here are five reasons why teachers make the world a better place.

1. They're raising the next generation

Whether you're teaching a kindergartener or a college student, you're making a difference in that person's life by being his or her teacher. Learning the ABCs may not be comparable to writing a 20-page thesis paper, but they're both equally crucial for the students at each of those grade levels. All teachers are responsible for providing the generation he or she is teaching with modern knowledge and fostering critical minds for coping with life's circumstances.

2. They help us reveal our skills

We may not realize what we're fully capable of until we're asked to do something. I always wanted to write, but I never knew what genre to focus on.

It was by chance that I got into a screenwriting class when I was in college and fell absolutely in love with it. There are countless students who have realized their true passions and full potential thanks to the teachers that encouraged them.

3. They listen

They are human and they have problems, too. Teachers understand that life gets hard and sometimes we all need a little break.

I can honestly say, I've cried in front of a few professors because I felt like they genuinely cared about me. If you have a teacher that welcomes open discussion or a professor that has plenty of office hours, get to know them! It never hurts to have someone of their stature on your side. They were your age once, so they just get it.

4. Teachers have magical ability to read all kinds of handwriting

Seriously though, this has to count for something. Not only can they decipher the cryptic words, but find some meaning in a litany of essays. I believe you can learn a lot about a person based on their writing style. (Handwriting is a completely different ballgame. Some of us are lefties and smudge the ink, okay.)

5. They inspire us

All teachers want to do is help their students become the best possible version of themselves. They want you to succeed. They're proof that you can do something meaningful with your life.

Happy Teacher's Appreciation Week!