Once again, the radical Islamic terrorist group, ISIS, has released a new propaganda terrorist poster calling on its radical supporters to “burn America” and has also targeted London, and government and religious officials in Russia, including Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The new poster propaganda was found and reported by the SITE Intelligence Group where the posters have called upon lone-wolf Islamic jihadists to attack targets in the west with firearms and vehicles.

ISIS poster description

The latest posters being distributed among Islamic radicals shows an armed radical in front of a picture of the London’s Big Ben clock tower and Britain’s Parliament.

In another piece of their propaganda, suggests fighting the non-believers or as it has been known as in the radical Islamic world, “infidels”. It appeals to radicals to “break the cross” while showing Putin and Russia’s Orthodox Church Patriarch under the cross-hairs for assassination. The other poster calls on the radicals to “burn America”.

The propaganda posters, which appear to be the work of pro-ISIS supporters, were released a few days after ISIS claimed responsibility for a terrorist assault on a Russian Orthodox Church.

In that attack, the Islamic terrorist, Khalil Khalilov had shouted Allah Akbar in the Russian Dagestan region and then shot five and killed five Russian Christian women. Khalilov was then taken out by Kizlyar police.

Past ISIS propaganda, threats

Analysts believe that Russia is being targeted due to Putin’s support for Syria’s Bashar Hafez al-Assad regime which has been targeting ISIS.

ISIS in the past has threatened London and other European cities as well as New York during the Christmas season in 2017.

At that time, an image of Santa Clause was circulated with the words, ‘We meet at Christmas in New York… soon’ and in London, an image showed a hooded figure that was standing over a kneeling Santa Claus with the Regent Street shopping area in London in the background.

The ISIS threats were also directed at other European cities where an image was found with the words written in French, English, and German that stated, “Soon on your holidays”.

Around that time, 6 ISIS supporters were arrested in Germany who was thought to be in the planning stages of Islamic terror attacks at the German Christmas market celebration. The increase of the ISIS propaganda crusade before the Christmas season came about as ISIS had lost large swaths of territory in Iraq as well as in Iraq.