An Iraqi member of parliament, Jassem Mohamed Jaafar. has made a startling revelation. He has said that Raghad Hussain, the daughter of Saddam Hussein, lives in the United Arab Republic in Dubai. Earlier, it was assumed that she was in exile in Jordan. Iraqi News has published a report that Raghad is on the list of 60 persons accused of terrorist activities. The list includes former members of the Baath party of Saddam Hussein, Al-Qaeda, and Islamic State members.

Raghad Hussein

Raghad Hussein has denied the charges. In a statement to the al-Arabia Channel, the daughter of Saddam has confirmed that she no longer lives in Jordan and is staying in the UAE.

However, apart from this statement, there is no confirmation that Raghad has left Jordan. Saddam's daughter designs jewelry and is supposed to live an opulent life. When she escaped to Jordan, the Hashemite kingdom had, in a statement, made it clear that she and her mother are under the protection of the Hashemite family and would be given asylum on humanitarian grounds, as per traditions of Arab hospitality.

Iraq after Saddam

The US has removed Saddam, but the country is beset by mindless violence and bomb attacks by suicide bombers and other terrorist acts are an on-going phenomenon. The Isis still has the power, to strike at will at any time. Their leader, Al-Baghdadi, is on the run and his whereabouts is unknown.

There is speculation that he may be injured. The ISIS still holds pockets of territory and is turning out to be a resilient force. At one time, they had almost overrun Iraq, till the US which had withdrawn, intervened. The Iraqi army, at that time, gave a poor exhibition of professionalism and laid down arms at the first opportunity.

This did not save them as hundreds were executed by the ISIS.

Iran influence

Saddam’s daughter’s name is on the list of terrorists handed over by the Iraqi Government to INTERPOL. But there is very little chance she will be extradited to Iraq. In the meantime, the US won't be happy that Iran continues to have considerable influence on the Shia dominated regime in Iraq.

Elections in Iraq are due and the present prime minister Al Abadi is hoping he will get another term. He has shown his true colors by aligning with the Badr Organization and Asaib Ahl Haq who are widely viewed as sectarian and Irans's strongest allies in Iraq.


The list of most wanted terrorists with the name of Raghad is perhaps an attempt at window dressing to help Al Abadi win the election. But he better beware, as the ISIS can strike back and have the propensity to again capture Iraq, in case the USA withdraws.The situation in Iraq is not a win-win for America.