Newly released British classified records show that in the early part of the 1990’s, the British Government became nervous over the prospect that President George H. W. Bush’s administration was considering having Russia as a partner with the “Star Warsmissile defense shield program, the Telegraph UK reported.

According to the documents, President Bush had become impressed with then, Russian President, Boris Yeltsin, who took over as President of the new Russian Federation and was seen as someone who appears to be altering the former USSR into “long-lasting beneficial partners” with the U.S.

and the Star Wars Project.

British government’s response

John Major, Prime Minister of the U.K. and leader of the British Conservative Party government from 1990 to 1997 had been warned that the Bush Senior administration was so fascinated with the way Yeltsin was undoing communism within Russia in which that they, the U.S., could share strategic military technology, systems with the Russian government, which included the Star Wars project.

The Telegraph UK reported that the classified documents from the British Cabinet communications on the matter were released in December 2017 at the British National Archives, cautioned that such agreement between the U.S. and Russia had raised serious questions of global security.

The dossier went on to say that such an agreement could possibly threaten the deterrent capability of the British nuclear “Trident” submarines. The dossier also showed that the British government anticipated that Russia would still present a threat to the West in the years ahead.

Other classified documents revealed that the British government was briefed on how the Star Wars missile defense shield program, envisioned in 1983 by President Ronald Reagan, was being overhauled as a defense guard against conventional and nuclear weapons from rogue nations which included Iraq under Saddam Hussein and Libya’s Colonel Gaddafi.

Bush was prepared to consider sharing the Star Wars knowledge with Yeltsin after meeting with each at Camp David in Feb. 1992 as well as declare an “official conclusion of the Cold War”.

The British Secretary under Prime Minister Major sent a message to their Foreign Affairs office detailing on how the U.S. seemed to have a new an outlook and the willingness to collaborate with the Russians to have better governmental relations and to help Russian nuclear scientists’ acquire better employment opportunities.

As far as long-lasting beneficial partners, the British Secretary added they, the British government would never make that assumption that it would work.

NATO and their allies

Within the documents, there was a discussion concerning the U.S and Russian partnership effects on NATO and her allies. It stated that such a partnership would have a profound effect, and would raise questions on who was supportive and who was not; comparing the analogy of the East versus the West divide which would be replaced by a Northern versus Southern divide. Contained within the British documents is a top-secret U.S. document about the Star Wars initiative where it explains how space and ground-based tracking systems and radars would observe a missile throughout its flight before propelling a sequence of interceptors to annihilate the missile warhead.

Research had also focused on using particle beams, laser type of weapons, and a chemical-type of laser to destroy inbound missiles.

Later in the files, it showed that the U.S. had backed off and tempered desires in sharing such information with the Russians. The Star Wars project was abandoned in 1993 due to cost, too elaborate, and with the collapse of the USSR, it was deemed out of date.