US President Donald Trump is scheduled to make his first ever visit to Hawaii which is America’s outpost in the Pacific. Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea, has identified Hawaii as one of his probable targets, and the state has taken necessary actions to tackle any possible threat of a possible nuclear attack.

However, Hawaiians are worried about the verbal onslaught between Trump and Kim which has become a matter of concern. The people of Hawaii are determined to counter any possible nuclear attack. As a first step, a nuclear warning siren, which has been lying idle since the height of the Cold War, is proposed to be revived.

In addition, there will be awareness drives to apprise the residents on actions they must take in the event of an attack.

Hawaii confident of tackling the threat

Sky News reports that the authorities in Hawaii believe there is no reason for alarm because the possibilities of a nuclear attack on the island appear to be exaggerated. However, it is necessary to be prepared to fend off any challenges. As a part of this exercise, the public has to be educated for the worst case scenario. The reaction time would be less than half an hour because a missile from North Korea could reach Hawaii within 20 minutes.

In order to issue the warning of an impending attack, sirens will be sounded. As part of an awareness program, a public meeting was convened in Pearl City where the head of Hawaii's Emergency Management Agency explained to the resident's various aspects of a nuclear attack.

However, the preparation must focus on getting people acquainted with evacuation drills which are being done in Japan and Guam. These are also on the hit-list of Kim Jong-un.

Trump’s Asia visit

The main purpose of the upcoming Asian visit by Donald Trump is to reassure the allies that the United States is committed to defending them against any possible nuclear attack by North Korea.

The president also wants to impress on China to pressurize Pyongyang on the trade front, ABC news reports. Trump will call into Hawaii on route to Asia.

America has already positioned its warships in the Korean peninsula and has provided South Korea with the THAAD missile defense setup. North Korea, on its part, has sent two of its missiles flying over Japan to send across a message to the US.

Pyongyang has also talked about detonating an Electro Magnetic Pulse EMP to inflict large-scale damages on America.

It is, therefore, important that efforts are made by the leaders to resolve the issues through dialogues instead of resorting to any confrontation.