Halloween has grown to be one of the most popular and well-loved holidays for all ages. Various events take place throughout October, from classic trick or treating, to Halloween parties. The popular must do in 2017 is the growing trend of Haunted house attractions. The popular houses stem from scary fun and are traditional yet suitable for children. However, adult Haunted Houses have become more popular than ever with haunted houses setting out to make guests feel like they part of a real-life scene straight out of a horror film. Houses now include special effects, virtual reality, and attractions such as escape rooms, corn mazes or zombie laser tag.

Most haunted houses are in family-run farms and barns to keep the location isolated and realistic. Actors are hired to entertain guests in the form of hiding in amongst escape rooms and the corn mazes. There is a variety of most haunted attractions across the country this October. Here are some of the most popular.

Trick or treat

Terror in the Corn: Cornfields become more frightening once the sun has set making it the perfect backdrop for Halloween events. Anderson Farm’s terror in the corn has many hidden horrors with each corner. Guests must make their way through the maze avoiding the many scary surprises. Movie fans have the chance to live out their Dawn of the Dead fantasies, but take part in the Zombie Paintball Hunt.

13th Floor & Asylum Haunted House: This is one of the most feared and highly rated houses by media including MTV and USA Today. The haunted house attraction has now expanded to more locations including Phoenix, Austin, San Antonio and Chicago. Denver is the largest with the newly renovated house, now covering 10,000 feet, including a waiting area.

'Scariest Attraction'

Monstrous: Voted the most ‘scariest attraction in California,’ every corner is a danger with corpse zombie figures waiting to pounce on visitors. There are three attractions for guests to tackle and make their way through; ‘Begrudge’, ‘Superstition Killer’ and ‘Lobotomy Psycho Show’. Each are scarier than the latter ‘Lobotomy Pyscho Show’ is an escape route, guests are given nothing but a torch to get away from an evil doctor in a pitch-black hospital environment.

Sips and Spirits: The Train Ride: Guests are encouraged to dress to impress in their best Halloween get up to climb onboard the Halloween themed train. The hour-long ride begins at Sacramento River and will feature performances from a mad scientist and his minions. Drinks are served as if you are taking a sip of a Vampire cocktail. Snacks will also be available with of course a soundtrack featuring Michael Jacksons ‘Thriller.

So, if Disney Halloween attractions aren’t your thing, these attractions will have you screaming in no time.