The Sharing economy has already revolutionized how we travel from place to place and how we stay away from home. Using the Uber or the Lyft app, people are taking customers on trips in their personal cars. Airbnb allows people to rent rooms or their entire homes to weary travelers. Now, according to the UK Sun, the sharing economy has come to the sex robot industry in China.

How the sex robot app works

Sex robots are far more sophisticated than the blow-up dolls that kinky men used to employ back in the day. They are highly realistic automatons made of silicone and other materials that feel, react, and even talk and make sounds like real girls.

The difference is that the Sex Robot is always willing to please their owners at any time and in any manner. Sex robots have become so popular that they have come to displace live sex workers in some European brothels.

The way that the sharing economy works in the Chinese sex robot industry is that a lonely guy who can’t get a date for the evening can use a smartphone app to reserve a sex robot, customizing his preferences. The app locates an owner willing to rent out his model, who then delivers it to the renter for a night or as long as a week of wild passion. The sex robot is in due course returned to the original owner, presumably after having been cleaned thoroughly.

China’s male to female ratio

Sex robots are actually fulfilling a societal need in china besides those of guys who can’t get a date. Because of the one-child policy, now rescinded, that was designed to reduce the country’s population growth, the ratio of men to women is 1.15 to 1. The ratio means that a lot of Chinese men have trouble finding girlfriends, therefore making plastic bed partners all the more desirable.

An interesting variety of models

The company that manufactures sex dolls rolled out the app, appropriately called Touch, in Beijing recently but intends to expand it across China in due course. The app covers the sex robot line that includes one dressed as a sailor, one as a nurse, and another that is dressed as Wonder Woman, complete with sword and shield.

One must ask the question as to whether DC Comics has provided the license for the use of the iconic character, the subject of a smash hit movie, for such a purpose.

The societal implications and the effect on human relations that sex robots may have is a subject that is not being thoroughly discussed. Will sex between humans become a curiosity as the automatons become more realistic and sophisticated? Time will tell.