September 9 is the anniversary of North Korea and a red letter day. The country’s leader Kim Jong Un had decided to conduct another missile test on this occasion to send a strong message to the United States. Both the sides were prepared to face the consequences but, the day passed off peacefully without any fireworks and the North Koreans celebrated it as any other public holiday.

It was a low-key affair but, the outside world maintained a close watch over the situation to check for any changes because South Korea had indicated that the North could mark its 69th founding anniversary by conducting the third test of its ICBM and the world was on edge.

Kim Jong Un keeps the world guessing

Fox News reports that the anniversary came after North Korea conducted a number of testing of its missiles. The sixth and most powerful one to date was that of a thermonuclear weapon which it wants to fit on its ICBMs. In the opinion of experts, the nuclear missiles are still in various stages of development and have potentials to reach the United States mainland.

However, Kim did not carry out any weapons test on this occasion. The people in Pyongyang treated it as another holiday and used it to pay homage to past leaders. The North usually conducts rallies on important occasions to display its military capability. It may be recalled that last year it conducted a nuclear test on its anniversary and this year it appears to have deviated from its tradition.

Why Kim chose, such a line of action is shrouded in mystery.

Peace must return to the Korean peninsula

North Korea and the United States have arrived at a point where the slightest provocation could precipitate a major crisis that could become a matter of concern for the region. The destructive power of nuclear weapons is well known, and all the countries in the peninsula must try to evolve a solution where ICBMs do not feature.

It must be a formula for peace.

Some of the leaders feel diplomacy can play an important role and have suggested that there should be a dialogue with Kim Jong Un instead of trading threats and counter threats or imposing more sanctions. It is known that Pyongyang has mastered the art of circumventing sanctions. The need of the hour is to search for a peaceful solution and identify the agent who could initiate the process.

Kim Jong Un celebrated the 69th founding anniversary of North Korea on a low key. His intention could have been to send across a message to the world that he wants to resolve the issues without any confrontation. It should be taken as a positive sign.