Last Tuesday, August 15, a triple suicide attack shocked the Nigerian citizens as it resulted in numerous casualties. CNN reported that at least 30 people died while there are 80 other people were injured.

This information was confirmed to CNN by civilian vigilantes fighting terrorists in the area. These vigilantes risked their lives defending the area from the Islamic group, Boko Haram. The triple suicide attack was confirmed to be conducted by female suicide bombers.

Three female suicide bombers

Bukar Kyari, one of the civilian vigilantes of the Northern part of Nigeria, Konduga district, told CNN that the first suicide bomber detonated the bomb outside an IDP, or the internally displaced person camp.

This camp was supposed to protect and overlook the market. Around 6 pm on their local time, the bomb exploded and caused several casualties inflicting fear, horror, and confusion for those who survived and tried to flee.

According to Usman Grema, another two bombs were successfully detonated simultaneously at their local market. These two bombs were again carried by female suicide bombers from the same group.

These three successive attacks were done and scheduled on a busy market day where local town residents of Konduga District visit the market and numerous people were out buying necessities. As of the moment, no terrorist group has claimed the attacks yet but Konduga district was known to be a hot spot where Boko Haram is active.

The reported deaths are 30 from the three separate but simultaneous bomb attacks. 28 of those 30 casualties died on the attack sites while two others died at a local hospital.

A study about female and children suicide bombers

Combating Terrorism Center, a research center who focuses on studying terrorism that happens across the globe, came to some findings and revealed that Boko Haram performed a total of 434 suicide bombings since 2011.

244 out of 338 suicide bombing related attacks were done by women.

CNN stated that in April 2014, Boko Haram abducted a total of 276 female students whose age bracket ranges from 16 to 18 from several schools with dormitories. It is also said that the terrorist group has approximately sent 80 women to die just this year.

The researcher of these findings said that Boko Haram is likely to use women to carry out suicide missions because they’re harder to trace and even search. They can also infiltrate and hide the bombs with different women's apparels such as clothing, bags, and possibly even strapped to the backs of infant children they carry.