Estimates show that climate change will be causing a rise of 2 Degrees Celsius in the world’s temperature by 2099.

The conclusion, which was the result of two different studies that make use of separate methods, was verified by the academic journal Natural Climate Change.

According to CNN, the first survey arrived at the conclusion after the researchers made an analysis of the level of emission of greenhouse gases from industries and burning of fossil fuels from the past.

Two studies, same findings

It is said that even with the most progressive implementation of clean energy measures and the total ban of fossil fuel burning, global temperatures will still increase for decades and will increase to 2 degrees Celsius of the current levels.

The same study also concludes that if the current wave of emissions will continue for the next 15 years, the temperature can even go as much as 3 degrees Celsius.

The results of the research confirm the notion that even with a sudden stop in greenhouse gas emissions, the environmental damage that was done could have long lasting effects that could be experienced by people several generations down the line.

The second study, on the other hand, made use of a series of statistical analysis to conclude. In the research, there is a 95 percent possibility that the global temperatures will be hotter by more than 2 degrees Celsius by the end of the century.

The model used is based on available data that is a result of current emission mitigation policies.

The range of the increase may be within 2.0 to 4.9 degrees Celsius.

Global warming and world politics

The two studies were completed by the two teams before President Trump announced that he would be pushing for the United States to leave the Paris Climate Agreement that was agreed upon in COP21 in November 2015.

If the United States’ departure from the treaty is taken into account, the results may be much worse.

In related climate change news, another CNN report details the efforts former US Vice President Al Gore is doing to combat climate change.

He is disappointed when he heard of Trump’s decision to withdraw from the landmark treaty as he lobbied hard – with Ivanka Trump’s help – to convince the President not to. He says that Trump may set a precedent for other countries to follow suit.

That said, he was also thankful that some United States mayors and governors took it upon themselves to re-commit their passion for the fight.