In 2014, Lim Ji-hyun defected from North Korea and fled to the south, where she eventually gained notoriety when she appeared in several South Korean television programs about defectors. Last Sunday, Lim made another appearance, but this time in a video posted by the North Korean state-run news site Uriminzokkiri and under her former name Jeon Hye-sung. Despite her happy demeanor on South Korean television shows -- even showing up wearing a North Korean military uniform to mock Pyongyang -- Lim Ji-hyun denounced South Korean life in the newly released video.

Former defector reduced to praising North Korea

In fact, Ji-hyun spoke so well of North Korea in the video that investigators have been looking into whether she had been kidnapped. But the video also shows a clearly distressed Lim, who could be faced with serious charges by the North Korean government. She was also seen siting with another former defector named Kim Man-bok, where she said that life in South Korea was Hell and that she was forced to slander Pyongyang. Pyongyang is the capital of North Korea.

It has been reported that 25 previous defectors had returned to North Korea in recent years. Unless North Korea's crackdown and acts of state oppression have changed, studies, analysis, and many reports have shown that life in the North is unfavorable.

The regime has suppressed and oppressed its own people and is run by an authoritarian family line for three generations now. Many defectors have revealed over the years how the North Korean regime punishes its people when they're not loyal, try to defect or do not praise their leaders.

North Korean oppression

Over the years it's been reported that Kim Jong-un had purged the military leadership of 70 military officials he felt were trying to overthrow him and had them killed, such as his uncle Jang Song-thaek.

It was also reported that he even had his wife killed for showing up in a video where she danced in "revealing" clothing. This year, he had his older brother, Kim Jong-nam, assassinated at an airport in Malaysia, who had already fled the country and was practically in hiding from the regime. North Korea has already been targeted by the U.S.

under President Trump who initially said he would like to sit and talk with Kim Jong-un.

But he has also threatened to take military action against North Korea for their ballistic missile tests. For the first time, Kim Jong-un's regime tested an intercontinental ballistic missile in early July, which showed the regime's ability to strike the U.S. It was determined that at the very least they would be able to hit Alaska and as of this writing, it's been reported that the North is preparing another missile test. South Korean investigators are also trying to figure out if Lim Ji-hyun breached national security and claim that female agents posed as defectors to lure her to the border and kidnapped her.