After the G20 Summit came to an end over the weekend, President Trump tweeted out that the event was a success and surprisingly, he praised German Chancellor Angela Merkel for its execution. While it was reported that the President was left out when it came to his lack of support for and the renegotiation of the Paris Climate Agreement, his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin got a lot of attention and he was also able to get concessions for trade. At the same time, his lack of support for the accord drew some interest from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan who suggested they might pull out of the agreement as well.

Minor threats to climate agreement?

Erdogan said that when they signed the agreement, they were told by France that they would be eligible for compensation in order for them to become compliant under the agreement. If this were the case, then the agreement would pass through his parliament. But now that President Trump was pulling the U.S. out, the financial contribution would be significantly reduced. Currently, the agreement has yet to be approved through his parliament.

In contrast, when President Obama made the agreement, he knew that it would not pass through a Republican-led Congress and was able to change the language in order for the U.S. to ratify the agreement immediately. It's been reported that even though President Trump wanted to pull the U.S.

out, he would not be able to get the process started until election day of his second term. It's likely if there is another president, depending on who that is, Trump's demand could simply be ignored and the U.S. would remain or they would effectively pull out.

Meeting with Xi-Jinping over North Korea

A more pressing issue for the Trump administration has been with North Korea, which just recently conducted another ballistic missile test.

This time, they reportedly tested a long-range missile that could hit the U.S. It's always been theorized that Pyongyang had the capability but there had never been proof of it before last week. Analysis on why North Korea had never tested one on camera before is that it would cause alarm throughout the world.

A defiant North Korea which is suspected of having nuclear capabilities has said they have the right to them.

But it's suggested they are well aware of the alarm caused by their recent missile tests which is likely the reason for their test. President Trump has been trying to pressure Chinese President Xi Jinping to rein them in but to no avail. It was reported that they discussed these matters at the summit and that the Chinese president not only agreed with Trump, but suggested that their foreign ministers get together to work on a solution.