Dozens of buildings were set on fire on Monday from air strikes on ISIL targets as Iraqi troops and the U.S.-led coalition moved in their final offensive against the extremist fighters. Commanders said that the amount of fighters have been reduced to less than half a square mile of territory. By the end of the week, it would appear that the increased efforts against the terror group have allowed them to gain more ground. As forces have moved through the city, they continue to be approached by civilians who have been under living under the oppression of the Islamic State for over three years.

But it's also reported that ISIS was using women as suicide bombers who are hiding among civilians and causing more casualties.

Reports of female suicide bombers

So far there were reports that 38 Female Suicide Bombers have detonated bombs since last month and 20 have reportedly detonated their bombs between Sunday and Wednesday. Some of these attacks were staged at the beginning of the week where there were two separate attacks on Monday that killed one Iraqi soldier and wounded five others. On Sunday, it was reported that 14 people were killed by a female suicide bomber at a displacement camp in Anbar province. According to Sgt. Ali Abdullah Hussein, there were two other attacks over the weekend, saying that some off them were teenagers.

It is unknown if the women were forced or if they followed the same ideology as the ISIS fighters. Nonetheless, one commander said that they were not surprised by the tactics and that it was a sign that the terror group were in their lasts throws. Saying that they had nowhere to go and that they were trapped, Lt. Col. Salam Hussein also provided details, saying that they were approached by seven women who were strapped with explosives on Monday but that soldiers had stopped them.

Hussein did not clarify how but it's likely that they were killed. As a sign that forces had stepped up their offensive were reports that there were so many calls for air strikes in the area that air support had to start seeking approval.

Searching for suicide bombers

Sgt. Ahmed Fadil's unit was one of many that had the task of pushing further into ISIS territory.

According to a report by CBS News titled: "Female suicide bombers kill Iraqi soldiers in fight for Mosul," in one case his unit heard cries from civilians nearby and surrounded their commander quickly, moving into a house that had already been cleared, yelling at the frightened civilians to keep moving past them.

Fadil said that generally an explosion follows after they hear crying coming toward them, and that the closer they get to winning their fight against the terror group, the more suicide bombers the extremist fighters send. The article also provided another account where Salam Hussein's special forces had the job of searching for suicide bombers where they were told by civilians that ISIS fighters were hiding in a house. At that point, they used grenades and fire bombs to clear the home. Here is video of a report by VOA News: