London seems to be in a state of hysteria as police are scrambling in response of reports of Stabbings at Borough Market and possibly Vauxhall as well as reports of a man running over civilians in a van on London Bridge. Little is known to the public as of now with Prime Minister Theresa May is being updated by officials and law enforcement as to what exactly is going on.

As of now, all transport in both directions of London Bridge have been closed off as well as the neighboring Southwark Bridge. Multiple streets in the area have also been closed off in which armed police have been seen in the area.

The Van and Stabbing Incidents

BBC reporter Holly Jones who was present on London Bridge during the van incident has said that it was a man driving and that he was most likely driving around 50 miles per hour. She went on to say that the man swerved around her mounting the pavement and hit several people both in front and in back of her. About five to six people were hit with four of them severely injured in which paramedics were later called to treat the wounded.

Jones subsequently reported seeing a man without a shirt being arrested in the same area.

Government officials, law enforcement agencies, and emergency services alike have been posting all over social media warning everyone to stay away from the London Bridge area.

One witness who was at a nearby pub during the incident mentioned seeing nearly hundreds of people running inside in a state of panic. He went on to say that the people running inside were talking about seeing other people getting stabbed.

While there have been reports of stabbings near the same area, there has been no official announcement or updates as to how many people have been injured or of any potential casualties.

Not Much is Known

With law enforcement, government officials, emergency services, and the media all scrambling to figure out what is going on and keep civilians safe, there has not been too many detailed updates as to what exactly is going on.

What is known so far is that the incident seems to involve several assailants and that it is in all likelihood a coordinated attack.

While there is no indication as of now that this was some sort of terrorist plot, it must still be difficult for British citizens to feel safe right now with this incident happening only less than two weeks after the Manchester Arena bombing. Updates will come as the media is informed by government officials and law enforcement.