Europe is on high alert. Terrorists tried to stage another attack in France this morning. Witnesses have described seeing a man with a hammer attacking a police officer. The attacker has been shot and is currently hospitalized. Considering this is the third terror attack in Europe in the past month that's getting major press coverage, it's interesting to ask: What are the major World Leaders thinking about the two week spree of terrorism that has hit Europe? What are their plans to help end this plague of terrorism that is currently in Europe? We all know that world leaders such as Trump think that these terrorist are losers, but what are his European counterparts saying about what happened recently?

Theresa May is saying 'Enough is enough'

Another of her tweets suggests regulations on the internet, longer sentences for terrorists, and more power for the British authorities.These tweets certainly have the potential to affect the upcoming elections in Britain. Expect questions such as: Will regulating the internet really help stop terrorism from happening in real life? to be asked in upcoming debates between political parties in Britain.

Angela Merkel

Her reaction to the attacks can be roughly translated to say that she is "Saddened and dismayed" and that her thoughts are with the family's of the victims of the attacks.

Merkel went on to say that Germany must keep fighting against all forms of terrorism, making sure to let the world know that she thinks that this is not an inherently Islamic problem.

Macron and Khan team up against Trump

One of the more interesting things I've noticed is that European leaders are still withholding their comments on the Notre Dame attack that happened today in France.

Not even Macron voiced his opinion on what happened today in the country which he leads. Some of Macron's last posts on social media were jabs at Donald Trump's withdrawal from the Paris agreement, entitled "Make Our Planet Great Again."

As the number of terrorist attacks increase in Europe, the political climate is also changing.

This can cause people to vote more conservatively because of the right's strong position against terrorism in comparison to the left's. You can see how the left wing and right wing contrast by way of the current Twitter war Donald Trump initiated with the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. Trump criticized the mayor for his comments in the wake of the recent attack.