Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada introduced a bill to legislation yesterday about legalizing recreational Marijuana. This was one of many campaign pledges that Justin Trudeau wants to keep to the people of Canada. There are many nations that are still mixed about marijuana. Some nations have decided to decriminalize it and others have allowed it to be used for medicine. If the bill passes in Canada, they will become the second nation after Uruguay to legalize marijuana as a consumer product.

Marijuana, eh?

Canada’s plan to legalize marijuana has been shaped by panels of leading experts in medicine and drug use.

But before sales of marijuana can begin, the legal issues such as how much marijuana can be offered and the amount of marijuana in possession that would constitute arrest still need to be hammered out.

Belgium has laws on the type of ounce of marijuana you can have on your person and not be arrested for, but anything over that could mean jail time. Places like Belgium and The Netherlands where marijuana can be recreational have laws stating that tourists are not allowed to obtain marijuana. Any tourist who is able to get a hold of marijuana or is seen lighting a joint from a local could face time in jail.

In Canada, all provinces of the country must agree on rules, regulations, and how the drug will be sold.

Breathalyzers for alcohol would have to be made similar to that for marijuana detection. This is to ensure the safety of drivers, pedestrians and cyclists on the roads and allow impairment to be contained. This also helps with safety in the workforce and in areas of industry that require sound mind and body to be able to operate effectively.

International drug treaties from other countries and nations that import and export from Canada, as well as the United States are also a concern. Less than 10 states in the US have legalized marijuana or medical forms of the plant. The medical communities in Canada are also concerned about the effects of long-term drug use on patients and people under the age of 25.

One piece to go

So far there has been an agreement on the amount allowed on a person: 30 grams (one ounce) of marijuana for someone not to be arrested and serve time in jail. The age a person can be to buy marijuana in Canada will be 18 years or older. Provinces can set higher minimum age limits for buying marijuana, but there doesn't seem to be much of an open market since you can grow the plants in your own home under the law. However, some people hope that growers can sign up for licenses to commercialize the drug in an open market atmosphere. Each province is in charge of marijuana amounts given at any time and how much it should be sold for across Canada.