Donald Trump is speaking highly of Putin and also has said that he envisions joint operations with Russia against ISIS. The Russian leader has, however, not lowered his guard and has authorized the equipment of the Russian army with the latest 5th generation warplane. The plane PAK FA T-50 will commence mass production in 2017 and in a phased program from 2018-25 will equip the Russian army and Air Force. This information was given by the Russian deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov. The T-50 has been under test and development for the last 6 years, and now, after the successful trial, the warplane is being inducted into the Russian armed forces.

The Russian fighter incorporates the latest "Friend or Foe" stealth technology. This technology is important, as the aircraft will be used in a close air support role in a tactical battle. Hence, it is ideally suited for army aviation corps where it can integrate with ground troops.

Sukhoi design bureau

The plane is designed by Sukhoi design bureau, which has produced a string of fighters and close support aircraft like the SU-7. This plane was a success and was used by the IAF in the 1971 war with Pakistan. The PAK FA advanced close support aircraft with the latest stealth technology, carrying on the Sukhoi tradition of producing world class fighter bombers.

Latest fighter

The fighter has super maneuverability and a low radar cross-section.

It also has short take-off and landing capability and thus can operate close to the battlefield. The aircraft T-50 has the capability to engage both ground and airborne targets. The aircraft also supports the Himalaya electronic countermeasure system, and, with its advanced weaponry, is a lethal weapon system in battle. The plane will, however, have to be integrated with ground troops for it to be effective in a tactical battle.

For this purpose, 8 prototypes have been given to the army to test the warplane.

Last word

The plane will commence mass production this year after successful tests, and will be inducted next year into the Russian army in a phased timeframe lasting 7 years.