For tourist an adventurers alike, taking a trip to this beautiful Southern African country, Zambia could give you lasting memories of beauty, splendor and nature, in this peaceful and friendly nation. Zambia is a place of nature’s wonder and tourist haven. In this article, we shall be looking at most fascinating and breathing taking natural features and monument clustered in this African nation.

The Victoria Falls

This is the world’s largest and most splendid waterfalls. Victoria Falls is in the Southern Province. This wonder eye catching natural feature never stop to amaze tourists and visitors alike.

This is the biggest tourist attraction and huge revenue earner for both the Zambia and Zimbabwe. The Victoria Falls consists of the upper and lower falls. The upper falls is in Zambia while the lower falls is inside the neighboring Zimbabwe. You will still enjoy that spectacular view in any of the location you are having your adventurous moment.

Northern Circuit

Zambia’s tourism in the Northern Province on the border with Tanzania which harbors lake Kasaba Bay on Lake Tanganika is adjudged among the greatest lakes on the continent of Africa. Though this Nature’s wonder is not fully developed as tourist destination but once it’s in complete state of development, it could boast tourism and add immensely to the nation’s revenue.

Livingstone Museum

This museum is a great national monument for the country. It displays ancient and historical books, journals and artifacts. Journals and belongings Scottish explorer David Livingstone are displayed in this museum. It is the biggest and oldest in the Zambia. There are also galleries for archaeology, art and ethnography, history and natural history on display.

Freedom Status

The Freedom Status portrays of freedom fighter Zanco Mpundu Mutembo destroying his chains. This great Zambian warrior was said to broken his chains in the presence of 18 armed soldiers with weapons. The Freedom Status is also a symbol for remembrance and honor of Zambia’s independence in 1964