Can "Cybernetic Immortality" become reality?

When we think of "cybernetic immortality"we think of the subject ofsomescience fiction movie or novel. However, a Russian billionaire is 100% convinced that thiscan bepossible.Could the transfer of the consciousness into a computerofferus immortality?

DmitryItskov, a Russian entrepreneur aged 35 years old aims to stay alive forever and he hopes to make immortality possible in the next 30 years. That is why he created the "2045 Initiative Foundation" -- an organization that works with scientists to develop a technologycalled cybernetic immortality that would make people live forever.

They have a goal to accomplishthis in the next few decades.Through this technologyItskovwants to make life possible like a holographic immortal "avatar." The2045 Initiative Foundationwas founded byDmitryItskovin 2011 and it became the subject of a BBC documentary called "TheImmortalist."

Could humans live forever?

The billionaire said he is 100% sure that they willachievetheir goal of living forever in the next 30 years.According to the 2045 Initiative Foundation's website they want to build "avatars" until 2020. These avatars will be robots thatcan becontrolled by mind power and the feedbackwill be sentto the user's brain through a brain-computer interface.

Itskov said that the goal of his foundation for the next 5 years is to create an avatar whichwill be transplantedinto the human brain afterthe deathof that person.

The scientists who work for this foundation are sure that they will be able to create these artificial avatars by 2035 and the hologram avatar until 2045.

This technology could start a new era for humanity

There is a debate in the scientific communitywhether the human brain's complexitycan bereplicated in a machine.Moreover, the ambitious goal of the 2045 Initiative Foundationis basedon the discoveries thatscientistsdidn't make yet and that they are still very far away from achieving.Despite all these obstacles,Itskovhas already begun planning the digitalimmortality. He says hewill be able to live in several bodies in different forms. Some of them will live on Earth and some of them in space and time.