Human mistake leads to terrifying lion attack

On March 7th, in Vladimir City, the administrative center of Vladimir Oblast in Russia (120 miles from Moscow), a five-year-old child visiting the zoo with his mother was attacked by a lion cub named Faina. The zookeeper took theanimal out of his cage to take a walk in an open space. People, including the mother and the boy, were standing near the playful lion. The attack was filmed by a bystander, according to Komsomolskaya Pravda.

Unleashed animal jumps on five-year-old boy

The zookeeper played with the little lion while standing adjacent to the child and its mother.

The lion was unleashed and the zookeeper lightly controlled him by occasionally holding the leash, allowing the lion to move freely. Suddenly, the lion cub started to run toward the little boy and jump on him, tackling and dragging him through the snow, then sinking his teeth into the boy’s neck. Shocked and in a panic, the mother can be heard screaming “Take him off, take him away!” After this reaction, the zookeeper pulled Faina off the child and started to hit the lion cub.

After the ferocious situation, according to Life News, the mother said that she won’t lay a complaint against the zoo, or the zookeeper, since the attack hasn’t finished tragically. She said that Faina only damaged the boy’s coat and that he was not hurt, only that he was shaken.

Lion cub was just playing

The zookeeper who was responsible for Faina and the other employees in the Russian public park said that the lion cub wasn’t showing aggression, but that she was “just playing.”This is just one of the many animal attacks on humans, and it is known that wild animals can be unpredictable. To prevent this kind of dangerous situation, a young boy in Nairobi has designed an invention.Reaction on the case from animal rights activists and groups has not been presented publicly yet, nor have the zoo staff spokenmore, except to say that the lion cub didn't mean the boy any harm in doing those actions.