Although, on average, the IQ of an intelligent man rises to 110 points, Anthony exceeds the threshold of 140 points which gives it the position of a genius man.

The child, a native of Romania, succeeded at the early age of only three years to be named as one of the smarter kids on the planet, with an IQ extremely close to that of the great geniuses like Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking. The boy, who now lives in the canadian city of Calgary, received as a result of tests, an IQ of 154 points, that is almost perfect.

Although it is at the age at which most childrens draw or play, Anthony Popa Urria, knew to count up to 1000, to pronounce correctly the whole alphabet and speak 3 languages: Spanish, Italian and English.

The organization that brings together the most intelligent childrens on the planet, named the Organization of MENSA, placed him in the first place, being amazed by the boy's abilities with a IQ of 154 points, IQ which is achieved with the rarity even in the case of adults.

A special curiosity could be observed by the prodigy boy's grandmother, since the age of 4 months, when his curious eyes were watching everything that was happening around him. The boy's grandmother, Felicia, was the first witnesses to the manifestation of the genius, being surprised by the fact that at a young age of 6 months, the child is able to recognize all the letters of the alphabet. At only 10 months, the baby was surprised by his mother, Laura Anthony, reciting clearly and without any hesitation, the entire alphabet, actually pretty bizarre for an age so tender, to which some children barely begin to talk.

Thinking that it is just a coincidence and that the boy had just memorized the letters like a poem, the boy's parents decided to remove any suspicion about the true power of the little’s intellect and took him to London in order to test his intelligence quotient.

The tests have been made within the Organization of MENSA, which has shattered any doubt about the intellectual capacity of Romanian boy.

This was the moment when the mother's suspicions became true, and Anthony Popa Urria climbs in first place in the ranking of the most intelligent childrens on the planet.

The future of the small Romanian boy is extremely promising, on his shoulders stands the solving of major problems of mankind.