Technology, music apps, and music streaming services work well in business and seem to go hand in hand these days. As we know, music is universal and can bring people of different backgrounds together, but what if there was an App created the opportunity to enjoy music, and also allowed the users the chance to share their donating habits to charitable organizations with friends?

Giving to charity gets attention

Giving to charity is a great way to bridge the gap between the haves and have-nots. In fact, donating to a charity many times provides awareness to others about events or tragedies going on in the world that they otherwise would not have known about.

As a result, just like discovering new music, this information and sharing can bring people together to work for a common cause.

Introducing the new 'Shoudout!' app

A new app, which is one of the many listed in the iTunes and GooglePlay stores, focuses on bringing technology, music, and charitable giving together. The app is simply called "Shoudout!" Now, most people are aware of the slang use of the word "shoutout," when people are in public, on TV, on the radio or using social media where they sent a message. This app is actually a little similar to that process but just spelled differently.

'Shoudout!,' just another way to shoutout

With the new "Shoudout!" app, the most fun thing about it is that it allows the user to let friends, family, and followers join in to promote a cause you are passionate about.

With the help of the music, you can drop a "Shoudout!" and maybe even gain much-needed awareness. In fact, "Shoudout" hopes to change all of this with its unique new crowd-based platform and has developed an app for users to record six-second sound bites, which can then be dropped into the regular streams of music. which means listeners can hear them between songs.

Music in the midst of a 'Shoudout!'

For example, if you are listening to your favorite, pop, rock or R &B station, instead of hearing a commercial, you will hear a "Shoudout!" from a friend or in some cases from someone you don't know at all. The messages are meant to be funny, interesting, and quick so users can get back to the business of listening to your favorite songs.

Short and sweet is the goal of this app.

'Shoudout!' and possibly to change the world

Like most social media tools, "Shoudout!" allows you to engage with people you know and be introduced to people you may not know. However, the thing to remember about this app is that it is not only used for fun, it is also a tool to do some good in the world. It seems with the ever-changing political and economic climate, this app might be just the thing we all need.