Google is picking up on every idea that will help it keep its dominant position in the tech world. It seems it has carefully studied Facebook's News Feed and is coming up with its answer - a personalized news feed based on your personal search history through all Google apps you are using, particularly the standard search engines. The two main things to be considered with this new Google idea, as is the case with Facebook's News Feed is that there are certainly advantages for every user.

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But, there are also serious Personal Security questions that people should have in mind - what kind of information about you is available out there?

News feed: Who does it benefit?

There isn't at least one Google application which you haven't used quite some times - every single day, you spend online.

And Google collects every little piece of that information - whether you are searching something for your work, out of curiosity or you're using Google maps or watching a new Nicki Minaj song on YouTube. Google is continuously coming up with new apps based partly (or completely) on that personal information. Recently it came up with Perspective, a troll identifying software.

Now here comes its new personalized news feed, based on every single data you left the trace of when you used any of Google's applications. It will start out to appear alongside your Google searches, and later on, it will start to appear in your browsers, on your Android phone, basically, everywhere it can. Google has previously come up with Google Now, but according to Google officials this is more than an updated version of Now, as "it is more intelligent." In a way, it seems that Google has picked up on the idea developed by Facebook and its News Feed. However, instead of focusing on news from your friends or business interests and partners, based on what it knows about you, it will include and also presume things that you will be of interest to you.

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Serious personal security questions arise

Sure, it can be very convenient to have the news you are interested in already available at your fingertips. But, such a concept brings about serious personal security concerns, something that Facebook has already faced with a recent lawsuit file [VIDEO]d against it. But with all the power and far reach Facebook has, Google certainly knows more than anybody else online about you. While there is no reason to doubt that Google's intention is to help you out as much as possible (and earn a nice profit in the process), how sure are you that you would want somebody else to learn some personal information of yours that you would prefer to keep solely to yourself?