Earlier this month, SpaceX made history by making the first water-based landing with a rocket. The mission was simple: launch a satellite out into a low orbit over Earth and come back for a safe landing. The rocket used, Falcon 9, had already been launched and landed multiple times. This is very important for future space exploration, and it also means huge cuts in expenditures for space travel. SpaceX's Falcon 9 has created quite a stir among media and it no doubt changes how we see space exploration. This achievement for mankind could change everything.

Helping out the government

SpaceX's most recent mission was to launch a satellite for the Department of Defense, and it was the first mission for them. The satellite is classified, so no more information can be said about it, but with the success that SpaceX achieved, it's likely they'll be called again for future missions. In fact, they have two missions with the Air Force. One in 2018 and in 2019. These missions will launch GPS satellites into Earth's orbit, and it's very likely they will be just as successful. SpaceX is turning heads as they've opened the possibility of privately owned companies to help the government with secret and important missions, just like this one.

Reusing and reducing

SpaceX has landed 10 orbital rockets since December of 2015, and they seem to have no intention to stop. The first few landings were all done on land, near the site where the rocket took off, but SpaceX wanted to out-perform themselves. On May 1st of 2017, the company did just that by landing their Falcon 9 on a small platform out at sea, a feat that had never been achieved in history.

The main goal of landing the rocket out at sea was to test for future missions. It takes less fuel to land a rocket in the middle of the ocean than it does for the rocket to turn around, and fly back to where it took off. SpaceX hopes to cut costs by saving and preserving fuel in this way.

This video shows the landing of the rocket on a small platform in the ocean.

The future of space exploration

SpaceX is expected to further cut costs by making reusable rockets reality Just imagine, using the same rockets for multiple missions. Once they perfect the art of re-usability further, SpaceX expects to cut their costs by up to 30%! Perhaps more if they perfect landing at sea on tiny platforms. They've been turning heads ever since they became well-funded. They are changing the concept of a space race and they are making the idea of living on other planets and moons a very tangible reality. Imagine being able to take off from Earth, land on the moon, take off from the moon, and land on Earth all in the same rocket. It's no doubt that we're all anticipating what SpaceX does next.