Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of his studies at Harvard to launch Facebook. On May 25th, he was still back at his home university to deliver a graduation speech. Here are the highlights of the speech.

The CEO gets political

Mark Zuckerberg shed some tears, criticized Trump half-heartedly and held a partially political speech in his graduation speech at Harvard University. The CEO of Facebook, who had dropped out of his studies in the prestigious American university to launch the famous social network, spoke about everything: wage inequality, Beyoncé, and Donald Trump.

As he continues his road trip across the United States, the young millionaire seemed really happy to go back to school where he created Facebook. "If I come to the end of this speech, it will be the first time that I have actually finished something at Harvard," he jested as he received his law degree,13 years after his departure.

Zuckerberg first wanted to tell his truths

Before conveying a bit of his wisdom to future graduates in 2017, Zuckerberg wanted to put a few details in the details of the film "The Social Network" by Aaron Sorkin, who had dramatized in an unflattering way his stay at Harvard. "This film gave the impression that Facemash [the predecessor of Facebook] was fundamentally important to the creation of Facebook," he recalls.

"He also tackled another cliche in the film. No one writes formulas on the windows," he said. For the umpteenth time, Mark Zuckerberg also tried to put an end to rumors that he would run for the next presidential election. But this did not prevent him from telling the future graduates of anecdotes on the subject, taken from his road trip.

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Mark cries telling a student's story

The Facebook founder seemed very moved to tell the story of an undocumented high school student he mentored. Remembering the young man's uncertainty about his future, the CEO had tears in his eyes - it's rare - proving that he really has a heart. Then he talked about universal income and Donald Trump.

The CEO of Facebook has given his opinion on many political issues, including immigration. He also encouraged "exploring ideas like universal income" - a trend in vogue in Silicon Valley at the moment - and warned against a fully automated future. And, it's fashionable right now in graduation speeches in the U.S. to share some information on a certain musical star. Between two serious political issues, Mark Zuckerberg shared a bit of his unconditional love for Beyoncé. "Facebook is not the first thing I've built ... Even Beyoncé had to make 100 songs before arriving at Halo," he added.