Bungie's highly anticipated "Destiny 2" got its first gameplay reveal yesterday, giving fans a tease of what they can expect to see from the game. CD Projekt RED's "Gwent: The Witcher Card Game" is finally going to be entering public beta have months. Finally, Dontnod Entertainment confirmed that its 2015 under-the-radar hit "Life Is Strange" will be getting a sequel.

The 'Destiny 2' livestream

Yesterday, Bungie had their hour-long livestream to give gamers their first look at gameplay for the upcoming "Destiny 2." Luckily, for those who were not able to watch, a short 3-minute trailer was released on the game's official YouTube channel.

This was followed up today by an even longer 9 and a half-minute gameplay trailer. Apart from gameplay, the trailer also hinted at a much more fleshed out story and cast of characters compared to its predecessor. There will also be changes to the Crucible, which is the name of the multiplayer mode in the game. "Destiny 2" is slated to come out on September 8, 2017, three years after the first game was released.

"Gwent" is moving into its next phase

Last week, CD Projekt Red announced that registration for the closed beta for "Gwent: The Witcher Card Game" would be ending on May 14. Now, they have revealed that the public beta for the game will be starting on May 24. This means that everyone will now be able to test out the game before it officially launches at some point in the coming months.

The servers for the game will go offline on May 22 to get ready for the switch.

CD Projekt Red also revealed the rewards that those who participated in the closed beta would receive in the public beta. Starting at level 5, players will get 2 card kegs for every 5 levels they got to. Players will also get 2 kegs for every rank they achieve.

They will also get all end-season rewards and all items previously given out as gifts. Lastly, players who spend actual money would have the amount of kegs they brought returned to them.

'Life is Strange' is getting a sequel

Dontnod Entertainment made the announcement on their YouTube channel for the game. Their awarding winning game "Life is Strange" will be getting a sequel.

They said that they have been working on the sequel since the original's physical release last January. The developers did not say much more beyond the announcement, but did state that the game would not be at E3. There is no known release window for the sequel.