When the first "Mad Max" game hit consoles and PC in 2015, it was a sleeper hit. The title flew under many gamers' radar and they likely dismissed it as a movie tie-in. We all know how often movie tie-in video games tend to be no good. Very rarely, we get gems like "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," which turned out good while the movie was a complete failure in the eyes of fans. Unfortunately, the gaming marketplace will never live down the infamy it inherited from Atari 2600's "E.T." In case you didn't already know, "E.T." played a major role in the big crash of the mid-1980s.

'Fury Road' was a surprise hit among fans, a definite payoff for George Miller

Scoring applause from critics and fans alike, "Mad Max: Fury Road" didn't have a game directly accompanying it, despite being one of the few action spectacles to become an Oscar winner in many categories. Very often, action films based on major franchises have a game tie-in.

What fans might not know is that the "Mad Max" game was originally meant to be an animated movie, until George Miller decided to focus on a live-action film. This would explain the crisp and gorgeous visuals throughout the game, one of the few to use a post-apocalyptic setting with such rich visuals and an applauded story. Sadly, it was released a little too close to another post-apocalyptic video game known as "Fallout 4," which had been far more anticipated.

With the films' success, could a 'Mad Max 2' video game follow?

"Fury Road" star Tom Hardy has already said he is ready to start filming a sequel as soon as it's made official. George Miller has also stated that he has at least a few stories in mind for a sequel, including possible prequels for characters who weren't entirely fleshed out.

For now, there hasn't been any word since on how close the movie is to the production stage. Considering the headaches involved with "Fury Road" and the original Australian desert having been overgrown with vegetation, George Miller could be looking at a lengthy pre-production time if it's not delayed indefinitely once more.

Of course, there is always the possibility of Warner Bros' Games suggesting that Miller should give the official thumbs up for a "Mad Max 2" video game to pass the time and keep fans interested until then.