In a recent announcement by Bungie, the developers of Destiny revealed new information on their upcoming game. Originally, they hoped to be able to transfer character data from game to game. They announced that they would transfer character appearance, but gear, skills and game currency will not be transferred.

Transferring progress

Ever since the release of the incredible world of the online multiplayer game, Destiny, veteran players have accumulated thousands and thousands of hours with their characters. With the upcoming release of the sequel, players will lose all of their character data besides some of their customizations.

The developers sought to provide an experience spanning over several years by allowing players to transfer progress. Recently, they shared of a different path. Transferring player Progression is not often done with video games. Although there have been some like Witcher, triple A games do not often allow players to transfer save files to newer games.

Veteran and newer players

Although this upsets more of the hardcore player base of Destiny, newer players of the franchise will be able to remain on the same level of gear as veterans the only difference being an experience. Balancing issues always remain a problem, especially for multiplayer games. Nothing is worse than starting at a disadvantage.

As the remaining months of Destiny come to an end, Bungie slowly starts releasing updates for their final events and updates on their sequel. Announcements bring an equal excitement to newer and older players.

Building a greater experience

One of the greatest challenges of any company is pleasing the customer. So while there might be many disagreements between the company and the player base, the developers believe they are doing the right thing for both new and old players.

By leaving progress from the previous game behind, the developers will be able to introduce new content and mechanics in order to create the amazing experience all gamers seek.

The developers of Destiny look at the reality of game development. Every game developer has high hopes for each of their works. Realistically, not everything is achievable with constraints such as time and technology.

The developers at Bungie have an extensive background reaching over twenty years ago although they are mostly known for their success in the popular multiplayer games Halo and Destiny.

More information will be available as Destiny’s release date comes closer. Bungie aims for releasing Destiny 2 sometime in 2017.