Novak Djokovic is considered by many to be the greatest Tennis player of all-time. Among his achievements are 17 Grand Slam titles and an Olympic bronze medal. He has also been noted for his humanitarian and charitable efforts.

Those efforts have included a recent exhibition tournament he organized amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Djokovic's intentions were most likely pure; many observers were concerned about the possible risks. As it turns out, those concerns were very well-founded.

Djokovic and his wife among those with COVID-19

Novak Djokovic recently announced that he has tested positive for COVID-19.

In addition, his wife, Jelena, has also contracted the novel Coronavirus, as reported by Yahoo. The announcement yet another blow stemming from Djokovic's charity tennis tournament.

The event was called the Adria Tour. Stops in various countries in the Balkan region were scheduled. Including Djokovic's birthplace of Belgrade in Serbia. From there, it went to Zadar in Croatia.

But the tour has come to an early end. After various individuals associated with it have been confirmed to have COVID-19. The consequences of the tour are quite possibly still playing out. But in the end, it could well do more harm than the good that it was intended to.

Djokovic released a statement, saying in part that they were wrong to hold the tournament at this time.

He apologized for the harm that it caused. Djokovic did say that tournament officials would provide health resources to attendees of the Serbian and Croatian tour stops. He also urged attendees to practice social distancing and to get tested for COVID-19.

Other players among those testing positive

Worries about the tour and novel coronavirus after Grigor Dimitrov announced he had COVID-19.

Dimitrov was, at one point, a third-ranked player in the world and he was among those participating in the tour, as noted by CNN.

Dimitrov left the tour while it was on its Serbian leg. News broke soon after about his diagnosis. Before he left the tour, he'd been seen with Djokovic, playing basketball together. He had also been spotted embracing at least two other players.

At least two more players - Borna Coric and Viktor Troicki - have been confirmed to have COVID-19 since then. So have at least two coaches, including Djokovic's. An unspecified number of staffers have also reportedly been confirmed to have the novel coronavirus.

Official ATP and WTA events are scheduled to resume in August. Including the US Open, with the French Open following the next month. Many if not all of the players on the Adria Tour would be expected for both Grand Slams but now that could be in serious doubt.