Grinnell College is a small school in Grinnell, Iowa. For more than 170 years, it has been giving students higher education. Grinnell has gained a reputation for its academic standards and stances on moral issues.

The school's athletic department competes in the NCAA's Midwest Conference at the Division III level. Over the years, the school has experienced many high points in sports. But this might not be one of those moments.

Forfeiting the rest of the football season

Grinnell's football team, nicknamed the Pioneers, was already having a rough season.

Their opponents routed them in the first three games. The Pioneers failed to score a touchdown in those games, according to Bleacher Report. Since 2016, the team has only won three games.

But things have gotten even worse. Injuries have hit the team hard. At least 11 players have suffered injuries that either ended their season or would make them miss significant time. While this is less than half of the players on the roster, it leaves virtually no depth chart.

Competition is one thing. But the heavier workload would probably leave the remaining players more vulnerable to other injuries. The school released a statement on the subject. Ultimately, it read that the school was precluded 'from providing a safe environment' for the football team.

As a result, Grinnell is forfeiting the remaining games on its schedule. The Pioneers are to finish the 2019 season without a win on the field.

The program has had better moments

The 2019 football season might be the lowest point in the history of Grinnell athletics. Maybe more than 1902, when the football team lost to the University of Minnesota by a score of 102-0.

Or 1904, when it lost to Minnesota again, by a score of 146-0.

But the school has had its better times. The football team alone is historic. During the 19th Century, Grinnell played a special game against the University of Iowa. It was the first intercollegiate football game to take place west of the Mississippi River. Grinnell dominated Iowa in a blowout.

A historical marker commemorating the event stands at Grinnell's Rosenbloom Field.

But as MSN indicates, Grinnell might be best known for its men's basketball program. The team has long used a fast-paced system of place, coined as the 'Grinnell System'. More simply, it's often referred to as 'The System'. The System can often lead to high scores for the offense. But the lack of attention paid to defense can lead to big point-tallies for the other team, too. As such, it can be very polarizing among basketball enthusiasts.

Grinnell's potent scoring has gotten the attention of national media. The basketball team and its offense were presented on a nationally televised game on ESPN2 in 2005. It was the first time a Division III game aired on an ESPN network since the 1970s.

But The System hasn't led to many wins for Grinnell. There has been a success within the Midwest Conference. But the Pioneers have not fared well regarding the NCAA Tournament. They also lost that special ESPN2 game to their opponent, Beloit College of Beloit, Wisconsin.