In the wake of Floyd Mayweather’s announcement of a planned exhibition match with Manny Pacquiao in Tokyo, Sean Gibbons was quick to douse cold water on the latest hoopla from Money May’s camp.

Gibbons, the chief adviser of Pacquiao and head of MP Promotions, told the Manila Times that he – like everybody else – is clueless about Mayweather’s claim.

“No idea what that is. I am not sure what is happening,” Gibbons said to the Manila-based newspaper.

Mayweather, 42, posted a short video on Instagram, stating that he’s currently working on an exhibition match with Pacquiao in Tokyo, Japan.

“Money May, Money May, Money May, Money May all day. that’s my team in Tokyo, Japan. TMT Tokyo and of course, I’m Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather. What I’m working on right now is the Mayweather-Pacquiao exhibition right here in Tokyo, Japan stay tuned,” Mayweather said in the Instagram video.

Later in the evening, posted a video wherein Mayweather and several Japanese men talked about an upcoming tournament to be held in Japan.

Contrary to his Instagram video, the American never mentioned anything about an exhibition match with Pacquiao, creating more confusion for the media and boxing aficionados.

Money May at it again

Mayweather is no stranger to posting fictitious videos on social media platforms.

A few weeks ago, a video of the American declaring he will be traveling to Saudi Arabia to begin negotiations for a second Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight had gone viral, catching the attention of international media.

After downplaying any involvement in what he called an “old video,” Mayweather eventually claimed that he earned $2.2 million by just teasing a MayPac fight on Instagram.

Judging by Mayweather’s trolling history, there’s a good chance he was also taking the same approach for the purpose of drawing attention for his Japan press conference. He understands that mere talks of a second Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight will automatically gain massive traction from the media, giving his event more publicity, whether that may be good or bad.


Riding on Pacquiao’s coattails

Mayweather has repeatedly accused Pacquiao of riding on his coattails, insisting the Filipino’s career and legacy have been built off its association with his name.

However, it’s pretty obvious which fighter is the one who keeps using the other’s name for the public’s attention.

Gibbons even flipped the script against Mayweather, calling the American fighter envious of his rival’s achievements in and outside the ring. He added that Pacquiao’s recent run, which saw the Filipino beating younger, stronger fighters like Adrien Broner and Keith Thurman at the age of 40, is killing Mayweather from the inside.


"The Senator is still in the mainstream of big-time boxing while Floyd isn’t.

Floyd’s 50-0 record means nothing compared to what the Senator’s doing right now. Besides, that No. 50 came in a win over (Conor) McGregor and I’m not sure if that counts as a real fight,” Gibbons told the press via Philippine Star.