If you watched the 2018 baseball postseason and the World Series, how does it feel to live it all over again? That's what Shout Factory does with not one but two DVD sets "World Series 2018: World Series Champions" and "World Series 2018 Collector's Edition" just released on December 4 that cover the same events in two different ways.

"World Series 2018: World Series Champions" is the official World Series film that distills all the drama of Red Sox' postseason victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers in 115 minutes with highlights from each game along with interviews and behind-the-scenes footage some of which you probably wouldn't have seen on TV.

The real competition of the Series was in its first four games. The outcome of Game 5, which saw the Sox take home their fourth World Series title since 2004, was really never in that much doubt as the Sox had pretty much the upper hand the whole game. It's the bonus features here that Sox and baseball fans will find interesting. Our favorite was the Regular Season Highlights, which show how dominant Boston during the entire 2018 season. The set comes with both the Blu-ray and DVD discs.

Reliving every pitch

The much bigger "World Series 2018 Collector's Edition" is for the fan who wants it all. The eight-disc set, available separately as DVDs or Blu-rays, includes all five complete World Series games, even the marathon Game 3 that lasted over seven hours, plus American League Division Series Game 4 against their longtime rivals the New York Yankees and American League Championship Series Game 5 against the 2017 World Champs the Houston Astros looking for a second straight title.

That's 22 hours of viewing.

Viewers have the option of turning off the national Fox TV broadcasters and going for either the home or away radio broadcasters and there's an option to hear the Spanish language broadcasters.

Watching either set brings back the warm days of summer. And they'll give Red Sox fans and baseball fans in general, something to watch and remember about the great 2018 season; especially until spring training starts in February and it starts all over again.

Celebrating their victory

It was reported Dec. 3 that the Red Sox will travel to the White House and meet with President Donald Trump. A date has not yet been scheduled, but according to Chris Cotillo of Mass Live, the team had accepted the invitation to visit and is trying to work out a date that works out for both sides.

Manager Alex Cora told Cotillo, "I’m gonna use my platform the right way. I’m not gonna embarrass anybody. Actually, I'm gonna represent 4 million people from back home the right way when we go there."

Meanwhile, in other news, the Yankees may be trying to get Cole Hamels and the Mariners may be looking to trade Dee Gordon.