The Cleveland Browns have been one of the worst teams in the NFL for many years. In 2017, the team had a lot of high draft picks and ended up winless with a 0-16 record. This season, the Browns had the first overall pick in the NFL Draft, drafted Baker Mayfield, and they are sitting at 2-6-1. While it is a better record, it was time to move on from head coach Hue Jackson, who the team fired last week. The biggest problem in Cleveland is that the owners were hands-on when choosing head coaches and then lost a lot of games. Finally, when this season comes to an end, they will let a football man in general manager John Dorsey choose the next head coach.

Browns years of futility

The Cleveland Browns used to be one of the best teams in NFL history. Their first head coach was Paul Brown, who had a record of 158-48-8 with the team, winning 14 championships from 1946-1962. He was the coach of the year multiple times.

In 1995, Cleveland lost their team when Art Modell moved the team out of Cleveland in the middle of the night to become the Baltimore Ravens. In 1999, the city got its team back as an expansion franchise and its history returned with it -- however, their winning ways were gone.

Chris Palmer won five games in two seasons. Butch Davis won 24 games in just over three seasons. Romeo Crennel won 24 games in four seasons. Eric Mangini won 10 games in two seasons.

Pat Shurmur won nine games in two seasons. Rob Chudzinski won four games in one season. Mike Pettine won 10 games in two seasons. Hue Jackson won three games in just over two seasons.

Notice a trend there? Only one Cleveland Browns head coach lasted more than three seasons and the last three lasted five and a half seasons total.

Fixing the Browns problem

To understand the Cleveland Browns problem, know one thing. Jimmy and Dee Haslam -- the owners of the Browns -- hired Hue Jackson. Jimmy Haslam assisted Joe Banner in hiring Mike Pettine and Rob Chudzinski. Those three head coaches had a total record of 17-70-1.

Non-football people hired the Cleveland Browns head coaches because they were rich enough to own the team.

Jerry Jones is an example of how that doesn't always work out. With that said, Haslem hired John Dorsey, formerly of the Green Bay Packers, to be the general manager but forced him to stick with Hue Jackson for one more year.

Now, Hue Jackson and offensive coordinator Todd Haley are gone and it is time to find someone who can help Baker Mayfield turn this team around. ESPN reports that the Cleveland Browns announced that John Dorsey will head the search to find a new head coach and hopefully that will finally put the team in a position to win.