When you think of Shaquille O'Neal, there are a variety of things that come to mind. Whether it's the raw power and unrivaled dominance he displayed on the court, his goofy personality, his rap career, his time as an analyst, or his historically horrendous free throw percentage, he is certainly a Shaq of all trades, so to speak.

According to the latest rumors from Lakers Nation, the former Laker could soon be adding restauranteur to his already extensive resume.

Shaq rumored to be opening new restaurant in Los Angeles

Regardless of the way the Diesel bounced around the league in the twilight years of his storied career, in the hearts and minds of many, Shaq will always and forever bleed purple and gold.

That said, with the latest rumors that the Diesel could be opening a new restaurant in Los Angeles, Laker fans could expect a homecoming of sorts for number 34.

The news was first reported by Eater LA, who cited an ABC license filed under the business name Shaquille's. Now, while planning for the restaurant appears to be in the early stages, given its location (across from the Staples Center) and the fact that it's Shaquille's, fans don't have to work too hard to put the pieces together on this one.

Restaurants not completely foreign to Shaq

As mentioned above, while most people associate dominance as a basketball player with the name Shaq, he isn't completely new to the restaurant business. Lakers Nation reports that the four-time NBA champion is also set to open a restaurant in Las Vegas called The Big Chicken.

As far as that restaurant is concerned, Shaq announced plans for an eight-episode reality show for Facebook chronicling the endeavor. The Big Chicken is slated to open in Las Vegas this fall.

With a name like The Big Chicken, it's obvious that O'Neal's restaurant in Las Vegas will serve patrons various types of chicken dishes, however, the offerings for Shaq's restaurant in Los Angeles remain a mystery at this time.

Adjacent to the Staples Center is the L.A. Live center (where Shaquille's is rumored to be opening). The center has offerings that go well beyond boring hotdogs for those that want to grab a bite while attending Laker games. Lakers Nation notes that there are more than 20 restaurants in the complex to choose from, including two restaurants from Wolfgang Puck, Fleming's Steakhouse, Smashburger, and more.

What do you think of O'Neal opening a new restaurant in Los Angeles?