Eric Lindros and Ken Dryden had very successful careers in the NHL. The 1995 MVP, Lindros was a seven-time all-star. He was inducted in the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2016. Ken Dryden was a six-time Stanley Cup champion and five-time all-star. His Hockey Hall of Fame induction occurred in 1983 and he was later a member of the Canadian Parliament. But Lindros' career, in particular, was also laden with numerous injuries. He and Dryden now seem to have ideas on how to stop that from happening.

Suggesting eliminating head and other body contact

A hallmark of the NHL has long been the brute force of violent collisions.

In turn, these collisions can lead to other physical complications. But Lindros and Dryden think it might be time for a change.

The London Free Press reports that Dryden has called for the NHL to immediately ban head contact. Dryden has long been vocal about head injuries in sports. Recently, he authored a book about late NHL player Steve Montador. After playing during 12 seasons, Montador exhibited symptoms of post-concussion syndrome. He died suddenly at the age of 35.

According to Yahoo, Lindros is considering even further steps. He has raised the subject of banning body contact altogether. Lindros noted that the speed of the game has increased greatly over time. This means that injuries can be much more severe than they were in decades past.

Among other conditions, Lindros was diagnosed with eight concussions during his career. One famously happened during Game 7 of the 2000 Eastern Conference Finals. It left him unconscious on the ice and in need of assistance to skate away. The previous season, Lindros experienced a near-fatal collapsed lung caused by internal bleeding.

His bleeding had apparently begun during a game against the Nashville Predators a night before.

Safety concerns have been raised in numerous sports

Health and safety is a hot topic throughout sports at the moment, particularly head injuries. American football has been struggling for a number of years as to how to address the issue.

Football features a number of similarities with ice hockey regarding impacts and high-velocity impacts. A series of changes have been made to safety rules at various levels of the sport.

Concerns have also been raised about other sports, including soccer. Concussions have been especially prevalent in soccer due to the frequency of players' heads making contact with the ball.