LeBron James has been attending more and more of his son Bronny's basketball games. Just this past week, there was an incident at a game of his son's where fans showed up in mass to see the hyped youngster -- and maybe even get a glimpse of his dad -- and it reached the level where the game was canceled and security had to get involved when parents couldn't get into the gym. Now, reports indicate that LeBron has started to get more involved in his son's games, to the point where he is getting animated when he disagrees with official's calls. It is typical of parents of student-athletes but is heightened because of who LeBron James is.

LeBron's outburst

During Bronny's game in the Los Vegas Classic with the North Coast Blue Chips, a bad call occurred and LeBron James got up from his courtside seat and showed his exasperation at the call. Unlike many parents who yell out or make big scenes from their seats, LeBron actually walked onto the court. It was enough to get a parent ejected from the game.

Luckily for LeBron, he was not ejected. However, the referee who called the foul on Bronny checked James and the two had some words. LeBron made it clear to the referee that he was not talking to him or even criticizing him. However, it was clear that James was angry that he was checked at the time and shot daggers into the referee with his eyes -- before saying the word "respect."

A video of the LeBron Hames incident hit YouTube shortly after the game.

All went well when the North Coast Blue Chips won the game in overtime.

LeBron James and his son

This is likely to be something that causes problems in the future for Bronny. With a father as famous as LeBron James -- and someone who will only grow in stature with the Los Angeles Lakers -- all eyes will be on the youngster. With James super competitive, it will also be on him to keep his composure during games.

On LeBron James' HBO series "The Shop," he said that he regretted naming his son after him because of the pressure that it put on his son. This was also the time that James talked about his actions at Bronny's basketball games.

LeBron James said that he got so animated at one of Bronny's games that he had to turn to his mother and apologize.

LeBron said that he used to get embarrassed when his mother would start to get loud at his games and now he knows exactly how she felt when watching him play.

As this video of Bronny's game shows, LeBron James is not afraid to stand up and make his massive voice known when a call goes wrong.