There is certainly something to be said about living up to your father's legacy when you bear his name. That can be a tall order for even average people to deal with. However, when your dad is LeBron James, the greatest Basketball player in the world, it's not a stretch to say that those are some big shoes to fill (literally).

Added to this is the fact that Bronny James plays the same sport as his father, so, it goes without saying that the comparison is there to be made from the jump. As skillful as Bronny James is in his own right, the comparisons to his father will likely only persist as he gets older and refines his skills even further.

LeBron James regrets naming his son after him

According to Bleacher Report, LeBron James recently sat down to talk about his son, LeBron James Jr., in a clip from "The Shop." In the clip, James goes on to explain how his father was not there for him growing up, and how that led to him naming his son after him.

At the beginning of the clip, James talks about how much he has enjoyed watching his kids play the game of basketball, and how he has recently had more time to attend games. He also jokingly talked about how watching the games affected him, saying that he even got into an argument with the mother of one of the players.

The discussion shifted to how LeBron James feels about his kids playing the same game that he dominates, and the large shadow that he casts, with James adding: "I still regret giving my 14-year-old my name because of that."

LeBron James gets candid on 'The Shop'

LeBron James in front of the cameras and the press is nothing new.

As the best player in the world, and one that's frequently mentioned in the G.O.A.T. conversation, it comes with the territory. That said, however, the clip from "The Shop" shows LeBron James in a way that many are not used to seeing him.

The clip itself is a little over two minutes in length, and it shows a more relaxed LeBron than fans have ever seen on the court, away from the bright lights and flashing cameras.

Things play out like a discussion among friends instead of a post-game press conference, and that certainly comes through.

Even if LeBron James is only coming to a game as a proud father to watch his son play, however, there's no escaping the attention that that draws. According to CBS Sports, a game in Las Vegas was called off after numerous fans bottlenecked outside a Liberty High School gym hoping to catch a glimpse of "The King." There were also security concerns after a man in a Michael Jordan jersey jeered at James and a scuffle broke out among adults prior to tip-off.

Catch the first episode of "The Shop" when it premieres on August 28 on HBO.