Major news in the NBA. According to league sources San Antonio Spurs have agreed to trade Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green for DeMar DeRozan, Jakob Poeltl as well as a protected 2019 first-round pick. This was reported to ESPN by a league source. There have been rumours about a possible deal coming up between the two teams, however the involvement of Leonard comes as a shock to many fans. ESPN is also reporting that a trade call should be scheduled for the immediate future.

Unhappy about the trade

Reportedly there was a meeting between Toronto officials and DeMar DeRozan during summer league, after which DeRozan didn't believe a trade would happen. On Wednesday morning the player took to Instagram, clearly not happy about the move and sent the following message: "Be told one thing & the outcome another. Can't trust em. Ain't no loyalty in this game. Sell you out quick for a little bit of nothing...

Soon you'll understand... Don't disturb...". DeRozan has been loyal to Toronto and intended to build a legacy there, which has now been cut short.

Long term deal?

According to reports, Leonard is not too pleased with the trade himself, as he favoured a move back home to Los Angeles. San Antonio Spurs didn't manage to come to an agreement with neither the Lakers, nor the Clippers though, which means that there will be no coming home party for Leonard.

In the summer of 2019 he could however try and make the move as a free agent, even though the Raptors will do their best to convince Leonard to stay in Toronto. They could reportedly offer Leonard a five-year deal for $190 million.

Kawhi Leaonard would have the opportunity to go for a four-year $141 million deal, should the player not stay with the Raptors. DeRozan on the other hand still has three years left on his contract for $83 million and the possibility to end it prematurely in two years.