As the World Cup 2018 tournament group rounds and quarter-finals can be seen in the rearview mirror, four qualified teams, England, Croatia, France, and Belgium, will play in semi-finals to qualify for the finals.

The first semi-final will be played between England and Croatia and the second one will be played between France and Belgium.

England and Croatia defeated Sweden and Russia in the quarter-finals to get their tickets for this stage, according to the Independent.

Whereas, France and Belgium outplayed Uruguay and Brazil to compete for the finals. Each of these teams deserves to be where they are, but only two will proceed to the final showdown.

On July 10, France and Belgium will come face to face in the Krestovsky Stadium. The England and Croatia game will be followed the next day in the Luzhniki Stadium on July 11. Both the games will be exciting as well as suspenseful to watch as their fans have waited so long to see them lift a World Cup trophy.

What to expect: France vs. Belgium

France has only won one World Cup title and that came in 1998, according to CBS Sports. They are favorites to win this year’s World Cup as they have the best team compared to rest of the remaining teams. Although Belgium has never won a World Cup title, this year, they have the potential to claim the trophy.

The game will be one of the most interesting of this World Cup. Both the sides have the strength to defeat each other. The fans should expect the match to be full of action right until the end of the game.

Both the teams have worked hard to get at this stage, but one of them will go back after the game hoping to try their luck next time.

Belgium certainly has to do something extra to outplay France. The French players are at their prime this year and won’t let this chance slip through their fingers easily.

What to expect: England vs. Croatia

England has shown their real teamwork in this World Cup. They have won one World Cup that came in 1966. It will be overwhelming for the English players if they qualify for the finals. They have lost only one game so far. However, beating Croatia won’t be easy for them.

Croatia has been an unbeaten team during this World Cup. They beat Russia in the quarter-final on penalty-kick in extra-time. They have never been able to book a place in finals and this year will be the first if they manage to beat England.

England is the favorite to win the game as they have star players for almost every position. Croatia also has star players like Modric, Rakitic, Mandzukic, and Perisic who can help their team to earn a place in the finals.