MLB trade rumors suddenly reveal that the New York Mets could trade Jacob deGrom and Noah Syndergaard. A report by Joel Sherman for the New York Post has introduced the possibility that the Mets could even pull off a trade with the New York Yankees. While it would cost the Yankees a lot of prospects, acquiring starting pitchers like deGrom or Syndergaard might just turn them into the favorites to win the American League this season.

Mets ready for a rebuild?

That the Mets would even consider trading star starting pitchers like deGrom or Syndergaard shows that the team is looking at a full-tilt rebuild.

That's not going to come as good news to fans of the franchise, especially after the team has struggled to take advantage of the aces on the pitching staff. Getting rid of two players that are easily favorites of Mets fans would also alienate a lot of people who support the team.

Sherman spoke at length about what the front office for the New York Mets had stated to him recently.

"Mets officials have indicated to me they would be crazy not to be open for business if their season continues to plummet, though I sense if they took a dramatic step they would only want to trade deGrom or Syndergaard (probably being more open-minded to Syndergaard) and retain the other because they want to avoid a full rebuild."

Rumors don't necessarily lead to trades

Despite the excitement level that these New York Mets trade rumors might create around the rest of the league, it doesn't guarantee that the front office actually makes a move.

Jacob deGrom and Noah Syndergaard are two core pitchers for the franchise, so it would take a lot to pry them away. There are certainly a number of teams, including the New York Yankees, that have the prospects to pull off a deal of this magnitude. But will they offer the right pieces before the MLB trade deadline this July?

A counterargument to these MLB trade rumors

A report by R.J. Anderson for CBS Sports states that while the New York Mets are entertaining the thought of trading deGrom and Syndergaard, he doesn't feel that they will ultimately make a deal. A six-game losing streak has the team a bit stressed out at the moment, which could have led to the front office revealing that they were courting trade offers for the ace starting pitchers.

Jacob deGrom isn't a free agent until the 2020 MLB season, so he has a lot of team control still to offer. The Mets did release Matt Harvey earlier in the season, showing that the franchise is ready to open a new chapter. This followed struggles that he was having in April. Could another starting pitcher follow him out the door soon? If the MLB trade rumors are true, then there are going to be suitors lined up to make offers to the New York Mets.